10 Types of Relationship with no Future

Psychologists believe that the earlier you realize what is waiting for your couple – a happy marriage or an inevitable breakup – the easier it will be to cope with the situation or even change it completely! How can you recognize a relationship with no future? We have compiled a list of relationships, which in most cases are doomed to failure.


1. An affair with a “toyboy”

You can always brag to your friends about a partner who is 10-15 years younger, but will such a man be a good husband? According to statistics, the majority of couples where the woman is much older than the man break up in the nearest 3-5 years.

Why? There are quite a lot of risk factors in this relationship: jealousy and the society’s rejection of your couple, disagreements on children (usually a woman wants to have a baby, and the man is not ready to be a father). In such couples, the woman psychologically plays the role of a mother, and the man is a son. There may come a time when “the son-lover” will want to leave the “parent nest”.

What should you do? If you want to keep such a relationship, learn to treat your beloved as a man, not a boy. Alternatively, find an older man – according to psychologists, the couples where the husband is 5-6 years older than his wife get on best.

2. Holiday affair

Beautiful sunsets by the sea, the sun, cocktails – all this favors a love affair, but this relationship often has no future.

Why? According to statistics, only 7-10% of holiday affairs end with marriage: they usually do not stand the reality and everyday life.

What should you do? If you do not want the affair to end simultaneously with the tourist voucher, first, do not rush with self-disclosure and intimacy – you should intrigue the partner. Second, do not create illusions and realize that your partner may be a little different on the return to the usual environment.

3. In love with a pen friend

Modern technologies unite lovers living thousands of miles away from each other. In addition, exchanging letters is so romantic! However, such a love story will hardly have a happy end.

Why? Distant love is the woman’s love with herself, with her own imagination, where she builds the desired image of a lover. Another risk is falling in love with a man who just pretends to be someone else.

What should you do? Hurry up with a personal meeting – the sooner it happens, the more likely it is that your online adventure turns into a real relationship.

4. An affair with a “mama’s boy”

Some men, in order to get married, should first “divorce” their mom: otherwise, you risk of becoming a third wheel in their ideal relationship.

Why? In order for this relationship to have the future, you have to win your man over from his mother. However, even if this happens, you risk of becoming a “new mom” for your husband. Not all women are ready for this.

What should you do? If you do decide to fight for your man, put up with the presence of the mother-in-law in your life, try not to criticize her, but on the contrary, praise both the mother and the son more often.

5. Relationship with a married man

Before deciding on a relationship with a married man, you must understand the place you occupy in his life and find out why he needs an affair with you.

Why? The two most likely outcomes of the affair with a married man: you will be his lover for a while, then he will return to his family, or he will create a new family with you, but will cheat on you with another woman.

What should you do? If the described scenarios do not scare you, try.

6. Relationship with a celebrity

Public people tend to be very careful in the choice of a partner. However, imagine he got interested in you. You are already dreaming about introducing him to your parents, as well as a chic wedding and children. You could be mistaken.

Why? You are fascinated by the image of the celebrity, not the person himself. Your expectations may not coincide with the real character. Do not neglect the fact that only equal relationship has future. That is why most famous men marry women from their own environment.

What should you do? If you want a serious relationship with a star, be ready to get acquainted again, and the less expectations and prejudices you will have, the better.

7. Sex-based relationship

Quality sex is a good prerequisite for a stable relationship. However, having nothing in common but sex is normal only at the beginning of the relationship, but not after a few months or years.

Why? Sex will soon cease to be valuable and will not bring partners together. Happy unions need to have something more serious – the synthesis of sexual and emotional drives.

What should you do? Look for common interests or give up this relationship as quickly as possible.

8. Nervous relationship

Domestic violence, endless jealousy and guilt in most cases destroy the relationship. A relationship that causes you emotional breakdowns is hardly ever able to grow into a happy marriage.

Why? No woman would like to come to work with bruises and endure constant shouting even if she loves the man.

What should you do? First, try to understand the situation in which the man raised his hand against you. If he did it to get you out of hysteria or you provoked him by saying something very offensive, then your relationship might have a future. If, however, the reason is a bottle of beer, and the punishment is methodical beating, there is, alas, no chance for a long and happy life. In any case, if you decide to forgive the man, do not do it right away, he should feel the threat of losing you.

9. The relationship after a betrayal

Few women have the courage to forgive an unfaithful partner. Most often, resentment does not let you restore the former relationship.

Why? Betrayal is very difficult to forgive, so resentment turns into a sacred revenge. Reminders and accusations create a psychologically difficult situation, which causes the man cheat again and again, trying to get away from that.

What should you do? If you decide to save the relationship, find the courage to forgive once and for all. Try to avoid the position of a victim; otherwise, there is a risk that the relationship will be based on a sense of guilt, and that is not the strongest base.

10. Relationship as a revenge to the ex

A new relationship is not a guarantee that you will be able to forget the old passion. Relationships built on revenge, as a rule, do not last because you still concentrate on the previous partner, and leave no energy for those who are close at the moment.

Why? No matter how hard you try to search for the new man’s advantages, the differences are always in favor of the ex-boyfriend. Your attraction to the ex cannot go unnoticed with the current boyfriend, who will probably be the first to talk about separation.

What should you do? Stop deceiving yourself and misleading your current partner. You need to make a choice as soon as possible. If you still love your ex, you probably have to let go of the man who is next to you now.

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