Trends of 2015 to Forget about

2016 has just begun, and the season of experiments is open. Last year’s trends and items have already gone away. Fashionable ladies have emptied their wardrobes and prepared for the new season.

10. Jeans


Jeans are always fashionable, but designers are always coming up with something new. A cute denim dress or jeans should always be in your wardrobe, in 2016 in particular, but jeans sets have to be abandoned.

9. Elongated cardigans


Elongated cardigans are no longer acceptable. If someone believes that such cardigans are always fashionable, it is wrong. Such a person needs to consult a specialist in the field of fashion. If you have an elongated cardigan in the wardrobe, get rid of it. Give it to the Red Cross for charity. In 2016, an elongated cardigan is out of fashion!

8. Manicure with the “negative space”, that is when parts of the nail plate are not colored


Pointed nails, dragon claws and manicure with the “negative space” are not fashionable in 2016. Manicure experts in different countries rejoice that they will not have to be accurate when drawing V-shaped patterns on the clients’ nails and will not spend a lot of energy on the formation of the nails, resembling animal claws in shape. All of these 2015 trends are in the past now.

7. Neon arrows on the eyelids


In 2016, neon arrows on the eyelids are not fashionable! This coloring can be suitable only at the masquerade.

6. Multi-colored hair tips


Multi-colored hair tips were fashionable over a short period of time. It should not be reminded that crayons for hair dyeing contain the entire periodic table. They are toxic, which is especially dangerous, when they get dry and flake from your hair and fall into the nose or mouth. Rinsing color crayons from the hair is much more difficult than applying them. In addition, you will have to wash your bathtub as well, which is also quite exhausting. Therefore, coloring your curls with crayons is not fashionable in 2016!

5. Micro bikini


We cannot say that micro bikinis were extremely popular in 2015, but the offers to buy them on the Internet were numerous. Micro bikinis with narrow strips at the front and rear have not been and will not be fashionable. This underwear should be banned from the aesthetic and hygienic point of view. If you purchase it for personal adult games, it’s your business, but in 2016 and in general micro bikini is not fashionable!

4. Folk motives in clothing


Various national patterns and clothes with intricate ethnic-style elements were a fashion joke in 2015. Frankly speaking, this style remained on the catwalks and did not influence the selection in clothes shops.

3. The rainbow trend in clothes


Rainbow is funny, and the idea itself is a relaxed one. Perhaps, women wear bright swimwear at the beach, or put on multi-colored dresses to go to the nearest shop. But you cannot come to any meeting in such an outfit. Leave this fairy tale for children!

2. Makeup contouring


This idea continues the theme of clowns. Most women cannot give up the habit of contouring when applying makeup. Besides, this makeup will take much time, not taking into account manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, etc. It is impractical and not fashionable!

1. Rats


2015 was unofficially declared the year of the rat. Perhaps many people find it funny to watch a rat pulling a slice of pizza. Maybe, at masquerade celebrations the costume of a “pizza-rat” happened to be among the most popular ones. But there will be no animals and no skins in 2016. It is better to pay attention to the 7 fashion trends in 2016, which you have not yet heard of.

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