10 Tips to Keep Your Man Interested in You and Commitment Topics

Do you love your man, but something went wrong and you don’t know how to renew and keep his interest? Here are tips how to keep your man interested in you forever and realize whether you have a commitment in a relationship or not.

Why do women lose man’s interest?

Many women face the problem when a man seeks for something new and captivating, but his woman is an open book for him. The thing is that when women want to catch an eye, they try to evolve, but once they are in the center of the man’s attention and hold it, they fumble their chance. Love cannot be analyzed and there is no magical advice, following which you can always keep the attention and love of the man, but there are tips that can help you to create an atmosphere of harmony, comfort, and bliss that your man does not want to leave.

So what are those golden rules, which can make any man be with you for an eternity? A caring, understanding woman, who is passionate about what she does, who is engaged in a self-development, never tries to take control over the partner, will be a full package for any man.

How to keep your man interested in you: tips

  1. Have something behind your beauty. Pretty Barbies are great for the first date, but only a few men marry them. Take care of your appearance, but don’t forget to develop morally, spiritually and intellectually, serious men always go beyond the physical beauty.
  2. Show interest in him, his life & culture. If you are of different nationalities, try to find out about his heritage, let him know that everything, which is connected with him, is a priority for you.
  3. Be on the same wavelength with his friends. Show your serious attitude by integrating into a circle of his best friends, your man will be happy since if you get on well all together, he won’t have to choose between you and friends.
  4. Let your past remain in the past. A man should feel beloved and cherished, if you constantly compare him with your ex, he starts feeling insecure.
  5. Forget about excessive care. Remember that equality is very significant in a relationship, don’t lose yourself in the endless attempts to impress him and please him, furthermore, don’t mother him and always give him some space.
  6. Show how you love him. Get dressed to please him, make a massage after a long working day, cook his favorite dishes, send I love you texts – pamper him with all these little things, they will make him feel beloved and needed.
  7. Excite him. Try to find a golden mean between physical and spiritual, wear the attractive outfit, sexy fragrance, let your sensuality be overwhelming, passion will keep your relationship fresh and will spice up your life.
  8. Unconditional support and commitment. Any man can do everything if he feels that his second half believes in him. Stand up for your man always, even if he isn’t right, you’ll see how he changes with your blind faith and support.
  9. Mutual respect & trust. Accept your Mr. Right as a personality with his own outlook, respect his choices even if you don’t share them, don’t criticize him since it could undermine his faith in himself. Plus, avoid morbid jealousy, don’t chase him, nobody likes unconfident women.
  10. Feel comfortable to reveal what you feel. The secret of a long-term and strong relationship is communication. Be honest with him, don’t hesitate to tell him how you feel and this will save you from future misunderstandings.

Note that these tips won’t give you 100% guarantee that your man will be constantly with you, it is unfeasible to derive the formula for happiness, we hope that these tips will only help you to build a diverse model of behavior with your man, and remember that the best advice how to keep a man interested is to remain yourself and do not pretend to be the woman you will never be.

Pay attention that all these clues are useless if you are not in a committed relationship. Are your relations committed: yes or no? Don’t know what to answer? Then check out items below.

Are you in a committed relationship?

Commitment is a mutual decision, which two people make when they plan to build a common future; it should be acceptable for both partners and fulfilled on all levels. Consider the following features of a committed relationship and see if your relations match them.

  1. Deep affection & respect. If you learned how to fulfill not only yours but partner’s desires, you don’t suppress each other’s individualities and can compromise, then you are devoted to each other!
  2. Honesty & loyalty. You have nothing to worry about if your partner is the only one in your mind and in the heart, and you are the same for him.
  3. Sharing common interests & spending time together. Do you love each other? Then you’ll try to like what he likes and show him how awesome your interests are. You complement each other and this harmony is a key.
  4. Trust. If both people trust each other, then this is the most solid base for relations.
  5. Handling of emotions. If you are able to negate anger, provide support in tough times, the emotional connection becomes indestructible.

So, any relationship needs much work to be successful, that is why develop as a woman, as a personality, don’t be shy to express your feelings for your man, respect, trust and accept him the way he is, be committed to each other and you are likely to live happily ever after.

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