What Is a Lash Lift?

Lash lift is a cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the condition of natural eyelashes. Unlike extensions, it is used only on your own cilia and does not involve the addition of artificial hairs.

Eyelash lifting is similar to the perm that is familiar to many. To have a lash lift, more gentle and useful means for eyelashes are applied. A facelift is often confused with lamination: these procedures really have a lot in common. The only difference is that they use different components.

An eyelash lift will help you if your lashes are too straight and need to be curled, and traditional curling irons do not provide the desired effect. The procedure will become a lifesaver for girls who are tired of the daily use of mascara: after lifting, you will not have to paint your eyelashes so often.

According to the masters, the procedure also benefits the eyelashes, as the hairs are strengthened. With the right procedure, they become soft and fluffy. Keratin coating reliably protects the eyelashes from the adverse effects of the external environment.

How is the procedure performed?

Eyelash lifting takes place in several stages. First, the master coordinates with the client the desired bend of the eyelashes and their shade. Immediately before starting the procedure, it is necessary to remove the remnants of makeup from the face. It is also recommended to remove contact lenses.

At the preparatory stage, the specialist applies a degreasing composition to the hairs. Then the eyelids are closed with a special silicone mold, on which the hairs are laid. This is necessary for the substances used not to contact the delicate skin of the eyelids.

At the beginning of the main stage, the master applies a nourishing agent to the cilia, combs them, and gives the necessary bend. The hairs are fixed in the right position for the required time (depending on the composition of the product and the type of hair, it will need to be kept from five to fifteen minutes). At the request of the client, the master gives the hairs the needed shade. Then a special composition with keratin is alternately applied to each individual hair.

The whole procedure lasts about an hour and a half, and the effect of it will last up to six months. To keep the result as long as possible, you should follow a number of simple rules. The main requirement is that during the first day after the procedure, eyelashes should not be exposed to water.

At first, it is desirable to observe a “dry mode” in everything: do not go to the pool or sauna, do not play sports. Some masters advise taking sunglasses with you to put them on when going home to protect your eyelashes from wind and dust. In general, you can continue to live a normal life: wear lenses, use decorative cosmetics, wear contact lenses, and go to the pool.


The Eyelash lift is suitable for most girls. But like many cosmetic procedures, it has some contraindications. For example, it should not be offered to girls with very sensitive skin or eye infections.

Chronic dry eyes can also cause irritation during the procedure. It is not recommended to carry out lifting on too short eyelashes. The fact is that such a lift will not be too noticeable on them.

You should not undergo the procedure in case of liver diseases, pregnancy and lactation. In these cases, lifting will not cause harm to the body, but there will be no benefit either: the laminating composition most likely will not work.

Approach the choice of a master responsibly and do not risk doing it yourself. Be sure to check if a specialist has a certificate and familiarize yourself with his portfolio. With inaccurate or inexperienced work of the master, you may not get the expected result, or may even have brittle eyelashes. At the same time, unlike extensions, a lash lift does not provoke hair loss.

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