Want to Have Gorgeous Hair Like Selena Gomez? Here Are Her Top Beauty Tips

Selena Gomez is known around the world for different things; from being a Disney child star to being part of the hottest celebrity couple at one moment, and even one of the most requested celebrity ringtones so what exactly brought her to you attention might be different than the next person. What pretty much everyone following her does know however is the fact that she has great hair and that her Instagram is a testament to her beauty as she often time lets the world share in on some stunning pics. Not only that, but those following her have been able to pick up on quite a few beauty and hair tips over time. If you haven’t been following her for long or just aren’t that big on social media, fear not. We’ve collected the very best beauty tips courtesy of Selena and her crew, ready for you to use on your own hairdo and fashion experiments.

How to deal with dry hair

There’s almost nothing worse than having your hair feel dry. If that’s the case for you, try washing it then applying a leave-in conditioner. To seal the deal, simply put your hair up in a braid and let it chill. You should feel a considerable change in feel and appearance the next morning if you have left the trick to work its magic overnight.

Try letting you hair embrace its natural form more, washing it less often

If you’re one of those people that washes their hair every other day, it might be a good idea to try a different approach. Selena has said in the past that she only washes her hair every fourth day, meaning that there’s quite a pause between washes. This allows her hair to dry up a little and get a completely new look when she goes for styling her locks.

Take every shower opportunity to exfoliate

Some people like their showers cold while others like it when the water has a mild temperature. However, Selena here loves her shower hot. That’s great for exfoliating especially paired with a trusty brush and a scrub. Make full use of your shower and scrub your skin thoroughly. Sure, it might seem a bit harsh (literally) but maybe the Instagram beauty queen has a point, given her amazing skin and all.

Always try new things

For most, sticking to the hair or beauty products that work is the key to success. That’s not what Selena says. Next time you begin to panic because you can’t find the beauty treatment product you always use in the store, remember that Selena loves to try out new stuff all the time. Maybe the secret is not sticking to just one solution but trying them all and letting your body experience all of them for a perfect combination.

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