Ugly Makeup Is the Hottest Beauty Trend

Modern girls are increasingly ignoring the classic rules for creating makeup and deliberately create “unattractive” (in the standard sense) images. Is this a rebellion or an attempt to say something important to society?

It seems that women have been taught to be beautiful during the entire life of the mankind: if you are attractive by appearance and know how to emphasize your charm, men will kneel before you, mountains of gold will be conquered, and the surrounding people will look at you with admiration.

Such was the Barbie and the heroines of all popular fairy tales. Ugliness, on the contrary, has always been attributed to witches and evil old women. One of the few exceptions is the Queen in Snow White, but we remember what dirty tricks she had and what her fate was.

In the age of body positive, this scheme is less and less popular with modern girls. Instead of hiding “flaws” with the help of cosmetics, they emphasize them.

The modern generation, born in the 2000s, no longer wants to hide freckles, acne and other skin features. This is what girls were taught to do in the 1990s.

They no longer draw straight eye lines. On the contrary, they make them asymmetrical and careless, they stick foil, draw circles under the eyes, make their eyebrows multi-colored, and their lips blurry. By the way, there is another unusual beauty trend in the video – underwater makeup:

Instead of the function of attracting attention (including the opposite sex), makeup becomes a means of self-expression: the face is a canvas, whereas lipstick and shadows are your paints. Young bloggers are increasingly posting pictures without fake smiles and filters, showing themselves tired and even in tears – this is the real life of a beauty from 2020. This can be found under the #Uglymakeup hashtag.

Girls no longer want to demonstrate their sexuality, which used to be the main way to become a star: we remember how the idols of the 2000s (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton) looked like – funny girls with an open neckline and a half-naked belly.

Today, after the scandals with Harvey Weinstein, there aren’t many celebrities who want to show their most intimate parts of the body. For example, have a look at the fresh teenage icon – singer Billie Eilish.

She has a wonderful figure, which is concealed by oversized sweatshirts and pants. This is her way of telling the world that she should be judged not for her breasts, but for her voice and songs.

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