Trendiest Beauty Gadget: Face Lifting Belt

You must have noticed that girls sometimes use strange masks that support the chin and resemble muzzles. This is done for the sake of having beautiful skin that is not sagging.

Once again, Koreans can be thanked for the idea – they decided that patches for the lips, the area around the eyes and face masks were not effective enough for eternal youth, so they came up with an original mask for lifting the chin. Lifting this area is an urgent problem because of the natural aging of the skin and, most importantly, because modern people spend most of their lives on the phone. If you add the force of gravity, you’ll get double and triple chins, even at a young age.

Some brands offer simple disposable fabric masks with hyaluronic acid and algae (substances that save from wrinkles and sagging), reaching the chin. Others go further and offer elastic bandages. As a rule, masks are attached behind the ears.

To enhance the effect, manufacturers advise to apply an anti-aging cream and make a light massage after applying the mask. Given that many devices (especially black ones) resemble a “bridle” for dogs (this is at best) or an item from a sex shop, they were nicknamed “muzzles”.