Mochi Skin Is the Latest J-Beauty Trend

This is yet another Asian beauty trend dedicated to the famous Japanese dessert.

Mochi is a smooth, non-shiny ball of glutinous sweet rice. There are not only white, but also multi-colored mochi, resembling the rainbow. What do you need this information for? This particular treat proves to have become the inspiration for makeup artists around the world.

Here is a video makeup tutorial inspired by mochi and dango.

Beauty-maniacs consider “mochi” to be firm, but at the same time delicate, matte skin without wrinkles, peeling, pimples or folds. It does have some radiance and is also compared to the child’s skin. The new effect is also compared with the previous big trend – mirror (or dolphin) skin, but the difference is that mochi is primarily a velvet texture. It is shiny to a much smaller extent. For a mirrored texture, you definitely need a highlighter, while in mochi radiance is achieved by hydrating the skin.

There are two ways to achieve what you want – with the help of care products and decorative cosmetics. In the first case, it is recommended to cleanse your face with a gel or foam, apply a lotion suitable for your skin, serum, moisturizer, or a sun protection product if you go outside.

In Asian salons, they already offer a procedure that allows you to achieve the desired result. As for makeup, it is important to use a primer and foundation with a matte effect or blush.

And here’s another option for how trendy mochi skin might look:

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