MAC Magnetic Nude Makeup Collection

One of the spring MAC makeup collections is called Magnetic Nude. The new products create an ultra- glamorous image showing the true art of makeup. The collection goes on sale in January 2014.


MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Three shades with a unique creamy powdery texture:

  • Superb
  • Magnetic Appeal
  • Fairly Precious


MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Blush

Bright pigmented blush in three shades:

  • At Dusk
  • Autoerotique
  • Pleasure Model


MAC Magnetic Nude Lipsticks

Four shades, both feminine and eye-catching:

  • Close Contact
  • Carnal Instinct
  • Morning Rose
  • Sensual Sparks


MAC Magnetic Nude Lipglass

  • A Quiet Roar
  • Steel Kiss
  • Hellbound
  • Oh My Darling
  • Over Spiced

MAC Magnetic Nude Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

  • A Natural Flirt
  • Sweet Heat
  • Silver Dawn
  • Platinum Love
  • Amourous Alloy


Four-pigment MAC Magnetic Nude Fluidline:

  • It’s Physical
  • Chilled
  • Our Secret


MAC Magnetic Nude Opulash Bad, Bad, Black mascara for eyelashes. Also, the new makeup collection includes luxurious brushes for blush and eyeshadows. Have a look at the main collection makeup idea:


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