Lipstick Color Changes Depending on Mood

Some people can read your mood by your eyes or body language, so you may be an open book to them. If you don’t mind other people knowing about your mood shifts instantly, you now have a simpler expedient easily readable to those around you. It’s your lips that will be giving you away this time.


Well, your lips will stay the same as ever, only telling your tales if you apply the newest color-changing lipstick that is supposed to reflect your moods. They read the changes of your skin temperature and chemistry and react accordingly. Besides, they contain Aloe Vera & Vitamin E that provide good moisturizing.

The mood color changing lipstick comes in sets of 6 allowing you to play around with color freely. The result is sure to suit any occasion from business meeting to party where your lips will soon draw everybody’s attention. $6.99 is the price of eloquent lips.

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