Isadora Nail Glitter

Isadora is a new summer collection of rich nail polishes. The collection includes 5 mind-blowing glitters and nail polishes for a bright, memorable summer manicure!


Nail Glitter Colors:

  • 80 White Diamonds
  • 81 Purple Princess
  • 82 Blue Magic
  • 83 Silver Star
  • 84 Black Glam


Wonder Nail Polish Shades:

  • 191 Gothic Black
  • 649 Glamour White
  • 732 Papagayo Blue
  • 745 Persian Princess
  • 749 North Star
  • 750 Polar Nights
  • 600 Clear

First, you apply the nail polish on the nails. On top of it, you immediately use the glitter, before the nail polish has dried. The glitter should be pressed stronger to the nails with your fingers. To consolidate the result, you can sprinkle your nails with hairspray.

The launch of the collection is scheduled for April or the beginning of May 2013.

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