Inglot Breathable Nail Polish for Muslim Women

The Inglot Company claims to have created the world’s first nail polish, which is suitable for the daily five-time prayers. This nail polish is breathable; it is permeable and is designed specifically for Muslim women, not to restrict their choice of the manicure.

Nail Polish for Muslim women

The nail polish is called Inglot 02M. The manufacturer promises that Muslim women will not be afraid to paint their nails every day. The nail polish is not an obstacle for frequent prayers because it is permeable both for air and water.

Earlier, women would do a manicure only during menstruation days, when they did not have to pray. Thus, a woman would reveal her physiological state. Another solution was to do a manicure with henna since one could have it during prayers, although this type of a manicure is quite monotonous.

However, Muslim women enjoyed the manicure with nail polishes of various colors. It is fashionable, after all. There is some good news for them: the manicure done with the new nail polish is acceptable on every day of the month. The Inglot breathable nail polish is almost the same as henna or lotion, and the manufacturers say it is totally permeable.