How to Look Cool in Boiling Hot Weather

Summer is great; it gives you a chance to wear the cute little skirts and sunglasses that you’ve had tucked away at the back of your wardrobe since September last year. But, summer is also hot – incredibly hot – and looking like anything other than an uncomfortable, sweaty mess can seem pretty difficult outside. However, there are a few tips that you can use to keep yourself looking cool in the heat. If you’re packing your bags for a holiday, don’t forget your sunscreen, your phone, your US Visa, and these important items:

Loosen up

The looser your clothes are the better. With less fabric touching your body you will be a lot cooler and you won’t have to worry about sweat patches if your clothes aren’t sticking to you. Choose long and loose maxi dresses over skin-tight short shorts if you want to stay comfortable and cool.

Go for structure

Fabrics that are flimsy and don’t have any shape tend to stick to you and make you look as sweaty as you feel. Instead, opt for stiffer fabrics with a bit more structure; they’ll keep their shape and won’t cling to you, and that allow some decent airflow underneath them so you can get a bit of a cool breeze on your skin every now and then.

Cotton is a girl’s best friend

Synthetic fabrics are the worst in the summer heat because they trap it and don’t allow any kind of air to flow through them. What you need instead is natural, woven fabrics that are much more breathable, like cotton.

Wash your clothes every day

While during the winter you might getting away with wearing a top a few times before putting it in the wash, you definitely cannot do that. When you wear something you leave dirt, skin cells and sweat trapped within the fibres, which makes them less breathable. Wash them after every wear to avoid feeling hotter and smelling sweaty.

Stock up on shade

When you feel like you’re getting a bit too much sun, having a good supply of shade will come in handy and keep you from feeling too hot. Carry with you a wide-brimmed sunhat to get the sun off of your face and a lightweight scarf that you can tuck in your bag to drape over your shoulders and protect them. You also shouldn’t neglect to carry around a good supply of sun ream and to top up your UV protections throughout the day.

Wear socks

Under no circumstances should you ever, ever wear socks with sandals, but socks, in general, can definitely help to keep you cool. When you wear sandals your feet are exposed and attract dirt, which makes them both sweaty and smelly. With a pair of socks and some light trainers, however, your feet are protected and your socks absorb sweat, keeping them cooler for longer. You don’t’ have to worry about your sweaty feet sticking to the bottom of your shoes, either.

Ditch dark colours

The darker a colour is the more light it absorbs which means that a little black dress is going to get a lot hotter a lot faster than a white pair of trousers. To keep yourself cool, stick to lighter colours, which reflect light rather than absorb it.