Get Beauty on without Germs

Of course tomorrow you will be over at some store trying on samples of makeup. There’s absolutely no reason on earth to deny yourself the pleasure except one: the makeup samples you will be putting on you are likely to be swarming with bacteria.


This warning was issued by a team of researchers at Rowan University in New Jersey. Lead researcher Elizabeth Brooks, a former biological sciences professor, said that there are chances to break out or get pink eye from shop testers.

So here are a few hints how you can enjoy the try-out fun and keep on the safe side.

Lipstick should be applied with a cotton swab only after you have taken off the top layer with another cotton swab or a piece of tissue.

Eye shadows should be tried on your brow bone and not on your eyelids. Once again, keep a cotton swab handy.

Lotions are much safer if they come from a tube or another type of closed container as compared to jars.

Blush is usually applied with a store-supplied makeup brush, so before trusting it better clean it with an alcohol-based spray and wait for a couple of minutes to let it dry.

Solid foundation will be safer on your skin when you wipe away the top layer and apply it carefully with a disposable makeup sponge.

Source of the image: Photl.