Fake Lashes Damage Your Eye Health

Fake eyelashes can cause eye vision loss, as stressed by experts. Because of them, much dust penetrates the eyes, which leads to excessive dryness.


Fake eyelashes in the style of those used by Kim Kardashian have recently become an indispensable tool in the beauty arsenal of millions of women. However, experts point out that such eyelashes bring more harm to a person than good. In fact, they can even cause eye damage.

The scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have discovered that the eyelashes reached a sufficient length in the course of evolution to protect the eyes from evaporation without blocking eye vision. However, having longer eyelashes increases the airflow around the eyes and leads to the appearance of large amounts of dust on their surface. This means that our eyes are not protected and are more prone to drying.


In the course of the study, the researchers measured the length of eyelashes in 22 mammals – ranging from hedgehogs to giraffes. They found that this figure always had the same proportion – about one-third of the eye width. According to scientists, this is explained by evolution, as eyelashes do not allow the liquid to evaporate from the eyes and reduce the amount of foreign matter getting there, while maintaining the best possible eyesight.

Synthetic eyelashes violate this natural protection process. Monitoring the evaporation of water and the dust getting into the eyes showed that fake eyelashes are hazardous for the eye.

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