Eyebrow Plucking. Brow Shape Types

TweezersBeautiful eyebrows make your face look fresh, emphasize your eyes. With perfectly shaped brows a woman can visually correct the shape of her face and hide face defects even without any makeup. Brow shaping should become a weekly beauty regimen, which should never be skipped. At the same time one should be careful and not to tweeze the brows too much, because it can take months for a once plucked brow hair to grow back. So, dear beauties, arm yourselves with a good pair of tweezers with slant edges and rough textured point and a mirror and shape your brows accurately and patiently to look your best.

Before Eyebrow Shaping

Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush before plucking them using some hair spray. This keeps all hairs in place and prevents overplucking. You should pluck your brows near a window or under a bright light to see the smallest hairs. Analyze your face and decide, what form of the brows you would like to have.

Eyebrow Shape for Round Faces

For those women, who have round face, the best shape of the eyebrows is angular shape. Eyebrows of this shape contrast with the face shape and emphasize eyes.

Round Eyebrows for a Wide Forehead

Women with large eyes and wide forehead should shape their brows round. Such brows should taper gently at the end and follow the frontal bone.

Low Arched Brow Shape for a Small Forehead

Women having small forehead should pluck their eyebrows to the low arched shape. This eyebrow shape brings visually more length.

Eyebrow Shape for Round Cheeks

If a woman has round cheeks or wider jaws, their brow should have an arched shape. This brings visual harmony to the face with one larger and most visible part.

Whatever eyebrow shape you choose, remember one simple rule: if you have small delicate features, you should pluck your brows to a delicate shape as well and, vice versa, if you have an athletic build, thin brows on your face will look unnatural.

Tips How to Shape Eyebrows

  • If you find some brow hairs too long, trim them very carefully with manicure scissors.
  • Pluck hairs in the direction they grow.
  • Tweeze both top and the bottom of the brow.
  • Don’t grab too many hairs at one time.
  • After you have plucked several hairs, stop for a while and look in the mirror to check if you are making the right shape.
  • Shape your eyebrow according to the line of your eyebrow bone.
  • The line of your brow should extend and taper slightly.
  • Avoid making the brows slanting upward, it makes an angry look on your face.

How to Make Brow Plucking Less Painful

If you are afraid of pain and want to make the process of brow tweezing less painful, use children’s teething gel. Hold skin taut while you are plucking. If you pluck your eyebrows after you get out of the shower, the pores stay open for some time and the brow shaping is almost not painful. If you are not after the shower, apply a piece of ice for some seconds after plucking, it also lessens the pain.

After Plucking the Brows

After your eyebrows are plucked, apply Aloe Vera gel, which calms the redness. Then wipe the edges of the tweezers with alcohol to remove the oily build-up. This will make your tweezers stay longer in use.