Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair

Nowadays, almost every supermodel seems to have the same type of signature look. They all have textured hair that looks sexy and fierce enough to walk down the runway with confidence.

While learning how to walk like a model may seem to be a little overdramatic and misplaced for you, having shiny and textured hair like them isn’t so hard to achieve.

When it comes to giving your hair that chic and dapper runway-ready look just like Rokstar Hair Salon, it is undoubtedly all about giving your hair a radiant shine and dimension by adding some grift to it.

Whether it is about going to a formal event or an informal party with your friends, getting the textured waves is a must-have for anyone who wants to add life to their day-to-day hairstyles.

This hairstyle adds a bit of volume to your hair and gives you the perfect model look that you have wanted to pull off for a long time.

If you don’t know how to perfectly style textured hair, here are some of the fantastic yet easy ways to achieve your supermodel look.

Blow Dry For Great Hair

A great day starts with great hair, and what can be better than blow-drying to achieve that. Try to make the most of your blow-dry and pre-styling routine by starting with applying some heat protection serum.

Apply this serum to your roots before you dry out your hair strands. This will help you add volume to your hair and give it an added lift that it needs. You can also bring your hair outward and upward for some extra dimension.

Add Some Shine

When it is about creating a look similar to a runway model, you will need hair products that can provide the ultimate shine to your hair.

There are also many youtube tutorials that you can get help from to get those supermodel waves by using just some simple hair products.

To create the perfect wavy look, you can use a curling iron or can even use rollers to get those perfect textured hair.

Sea Salt Spray

For those stylish women who want to activate their natural hair texture, you can try using the sea salt spray that is easily available in the market.

You can apply this spray to your hair to bring the most out of it by starting from the roots to the tips.

After using that, properly scrunch the spray into your hair to define the natural pattern and curls in your hair.

Curl With A Different Style

Unlike what most women think, an off-the-runway curl hair look is way easier to achieve.

All you would have to do to get it done is to use your curling iron a little differently than you normally do.

You can use the curling iron to only curl the middle section of your hair and leave the roots and ends natural to get the perfect beachy wave look.

This easy technique can give your hair a more natural and kind of undone texture without having to deal with tons of curls.

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