Beauty Lessons to Learn from French Women

How can you have the same chic appearance as French women? It turns out that you just need to stop washing your hair!


20 years ago, American Tish Jett moved to France to become a beauty editor for a newspaper in the United States. Since then, she has regularly met with the French masters of beauty and style, learning the lessons that allow local women to remain among the most stylish women in the world. Tish found out that the beauty of French women was a consequence of the ingenuity and iron willpower. She decided to tell about some of their secrets.

Where from do they get such an amazing complexion? Tish explains this phenomenon with good education: from the age of 12, the girls learn the secrets of skin care from their moms, and at the age of 30 years, they begin to regularly use anti-aging creams. Lesson number one that Tish learned was to find a good dermatologist. This is one of the main secrets of beauty. The dermatologist will examine you from head to toe and then select the products needed only to you. Forget about creams for the eyes – not a single friend of Tish’s from France uses them.

The hair of French women is never too loose or too stacked. It may surprise you, but most women in France wash their head 2 times a week. As soon as Tish started to do it, she noticed that her hair had become better. On the other hand, French women do not spare money for a good barber. This specialist will pick the perfect hair color and the best hairstyle for you.

It is said that French women are not fat. Indeed, obesity was not a major problem, but many people dreamt to lose 2-3 kilos. It is a difficult thing to do because the French are real food gourmands. Tish’s friend Edith has a steamer, so she uses it to cook practically everything. Every meal starts with a salad or soup. And she said that she had never kept to a diet. For fear of overeating, she drinks hot tea before meals. It gives her time to “cool down” and restrain her desires. Do not believe the nonsense that French women do not go in for sports! They love Pilates and water aerobics. Many people like to have a glass of wine (but not beer or anything stronger), but Tish has never seen French women drunk!