How to Apply Fake Lashes?

An indispensable element of a festive image is long fluffy eyelashes that look great in everyday life, as well. If your natural framing is not enough, you can turn to artificial technologies. A few tips from makeup artists, a bit of practice – and you are the owner of a shining dramatic look.


It is simple to master fake eyelashes application if you follow a certain technology. The process itself can be divided into three stages:

  • Preparation – wipe the natural eyelashes and the eyelids with a tonic or liquid makeup remover. Then apply powder or loose eye shadows. This will make your fake eyelashes last longer.
  • Dress rehearsal – fake eyelashes are applied as close to your own as possible. When the eyelashes line is beyond the eyelid, cut it with scissors.
  • Fixing – gently press the false eyelashes against the eyelid skin. Then encircle the contour with a liquid eyeliner or pencil to hide small defects or remaining droplets of glue.

How to choose fake eyelashes?

Pay attention to the color and length of eyelashes. So, if you are getting ready for a party in the evening, buy black eyelashes of maximum length.

If you want to look particularly impressive, search for eyelashes with a glamorous decor – rhinestones, microscopic butterflies, flowers, or beads. Pay attention to exotic colors rainbow ombre over the entire length, silver, pink or blue eyelashes.

For every day, choose naturalness. Buy eyelashes a shade lighter that your own and of identical length. Then, your makeup should be nude.

Applying fake eyelash strips

  1. Prepare the necessary tools. Apart from the fake lashes, you will need glue, tweezers, nail clippers, eyeliner or eye pencil, liquid makeup remover or vaseline, mascara, paper napkins, cotton buds.
  2. Try the eyelashes on. Use tweezers to apply the lashes to the eyelid. Measure and trim the inner line of the lashes or they can quickly lose their form.
  3. Consider the glue. If it is in a tube, squeeze a small amount on your palm and pull the eyelashes strip along it. If it is in a bottle, you can use a brush. Dip it into the glue and then draw a line along the edge of the fake lashes.
  4. Wait. Let the glue thicken slightly, then the lashes will stick better.
  5. Grab the middle of the fake eyelashes strip with tweezers, attach it to the eyelid and gently press down with your fingers, moving toward the inner edge of the eye.
  6. Apply the mascara. A few swift movements – and both natural and glued eyelashes will be the of the same color. In addition, the fake eyelashes will straighten, making your look luxurious.

Applying fake eyelash clusters

This process is more complex technologically than the previous strategy, but it can be mastered as well. Picking up the right amount of eyelashes of the proper length, you can model the shape of the eyes or make their framing thicker and more beautiful.

  • Grab a cluster with tweezers, dip its edge into the glue, and wait until the glue thickens. Pull your eyelid aside, attach the cluster to your natural lashes, press, and keep for about 20 seconds.
  • Start applying the eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye. Sometimes it is enough to apply a few clusters to obtain the desired effect.
  • Observe the symmetry. Attach the clusters alternately to the left and right eyelid, so you can avoid possible asymmetry.

Eye shape modeling techniques

Close-set eyes can be visually separated from each other, if you apply the longest eyelashes to the outer corners. If the eyes are widely set, use a different technique. Stick short clusters to the inner corners, and long ones- to the middle. This will “align” your eyes, creating a deep and sexy look.
There are other tricks. By gluing a few clusters of lashes to the outer corners of eyes, you will lift them up. The clusters applied in the center will visually “open” your eyes making them wider.

3 don’ts

  • Do not remove fake eyelashes by force. Be patient, otherwise you will damage your own lashes. Apply a small amount of tonic or cosmetic vaseline with a sponge onto your lashes. When the glue is dissolved, remove the false eyelashes.
  • Do not cut the lashes after application. This should be done in the preparatory phase, otherwise you risk cutting your natural lashes.
  • Do not take too much glue. Its excess can cause irritation of the sensitive eyelid skin.
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