5 Makeup Essentials in Your Handbag

We’ve make up a list of essential beauty & makeup products to create an ideal image that are a must-have in your make-up bag.

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1. Mascara

If you hurry to a date after work, just apply an extra layer of mascara on the lashes. Make a choice in favor of jet black mascara: it will make your eyes more attractive.

2. Dark Eyeliner

With it, you can make smoky eyes or cat eyes. And for that, you do not need eyeshadow!

3. Concealer

Choose a color that coincides with your skin tone. With the help of it you you can mask the dark circles under the eyes or minor skin imperfections anytime. Do not choose a concealer that is too light: it will only accentuate pimples and wrinkles.

4. Highlighter

You can apply it instead of eyeshadow or emphasize the top of the cheekbones to give your face a shiny look.

5. Red Lipstick

The best way to create an expressive and sexy image is red lipstick. In addition, it can be used as blush: just put some lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and shade it with your fingers.

6. Bonus Must-Have – Q-Tips

If you fix makeup during the day or apply a more dramatic make-up in the evening, cotton swabs will be indispensable. They can adjust improperly made-up eyes or remove crumbled eye shadow.

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