Women Have a Firmer Grip on Their Work Than Men

As regards organization at work, women have been discovered to fare better than men. This was established by a study of people’s organizational abilities commissioned by DYMO and embracing 4,000 employers.

Men and women at work

43 per cent of women consider themselves to be “very organized” in their workplaces, while only 32 per cent of men found it in themselves to say so.

Cutting a poorer figure, 10 per cent blokes confessed they don’t keep their work structured out and are therefore prone to various slips like misplacing a document (admitted by 17%) or not getting to work in good time (41%). 44 per cent missed a deadline in the month previous to the poll. Over 5 per cent are known to have been denied promotion due to their lack of organization.

Women have their work in hand by keeping to-do lists or diaries (62%) and generally keeping their desks in order (40%). They are not comfortable with falling back on their memory for duties, as 45 per cent of guys are.

And when you call up places and get a promise to be called back, mind who you are talking to… 54% of men can omit to do so, but your chances with females will be better, 48% of them admitted to failing to comply.

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