What if You’re Tired of Your Own Job?

If your project has suddenly ceased to bring you joy (and both motivation and income at the same time), this is not the reason to give up and call yourself mediocre. The reasons for this condition can be hidden much deeper. Geniusbeauty.com is going to tell you how to cope with apathy, once again feel interested in the “business of your whole life” and never give up.

Sometimes it happens that even your own business bothers and ceases to bring pleasure and delight. What used to interest and inspire you has become commonplace. You don’t feel like doing your project anymore, you get tired and feel apathy and indifference. What this can lead to is not hard to guess. Below you will see why there appears fatigue from your business and what can be done about it.

Alas, even the most interesting work can turn into routine over time. If you have invested effort, finance and knowledge in your project for years, but did not get the desired reward, it may make sense to reconsider the business model or even find a mentor who will help you reach a new level of development.

The main reasons for the loss of interest in what used to inspire and motivate you include:

  1. Lack of professional development. You probably developed a lot at the very beginning of your business: you attended training courses, read useful books, and watched videos. Gradually, everything worked out well: regular customers appeared, there was a great demand for your product and a stable income. You have achieved what you wanted. Now, the business is functioning successfully, but it no longer brings pleasure. Once an interesting job turned into a routine. Unfortunately, this happens even with your favorite pastime.
  2. Lack of financial growth. The price of your products has not changed for years, the profit remains the same or demonstrates insignificant growth. You have reached the financial ceiling; there is nowhere to aim higher. Naturally: where should the motivation come from?
  3. You are not using your full potential. If you do not realize it to the maximum, you will get bored. You understand that you can do much more, but this is not necessary.
  4. The imbalance between what you give and what you receive. This reason is relevant only for a developed business. At the start of their own business, many are faced with an imbalance, but with the development of the project, it disappears. If you feel that you are investing much more energy, emotions, and money than you receive in return, apathy and disappointment appear.

Fortunately, this can be improved to change the situation for the better.

The most effective solutions for each of the above problems include:

  1. Look for the prospects of project development. Do not stop there and use the opportunities for improvement. Let’s say you have your own confectionery. For a long time, you have baked muffins, pies and rolls. Your products were demanded, began to bring good income, but at the same time you got bored. Learn new skills, learn something new. Start baking multi-tiered cakes, complex desserts and exotic pastries from around the world.
  2. Expand your financial potential. Look for profit growth opportunities. Find successful competitors and analyze their offers. Suppose you knit hats to order and sell each for $15. Your competitor sells products for $30. This suggests that your products have financial potential. You may have to expand the range, improve the product, introduce new technologies, but you can sell your caps for the same $30.
  3. Try to maximize your potential. If you understand that you can do more, expand the functionality, look for opportunities for full implementation. Ideally, your field of activity should correspond to your abilities, desires and interests. If something is missing, consider how you can implement this component. Suppose you are an online psychologist. Every day you respond to thousands of posts, maintain your blog, and read non-fiction. At the same time, you understand that you apply only 70% of your knowledge and you do not have enough live communication. Start speaking at scientific conferences, conducting video workshops, or working with new, more complex problems.
  4. Strive to restore the balance between what you give and what you receive. If you have been putting a lot of energy and emotions into the project for several years, but got little in return, it’s worth considering a change. Perhaps it’s time to review the business model, find a mentor who will help you reach a new level of your development.

These are working tools. But if you don’t want to use them, maybe it’s really time to change the scope of the business? To make such changes every 10-15 years is a norm in the modern world. Therefore, you will definitely manage.

And if you feel that you are “stuck in second gear,” don’t be afraid to think globally and explore new horizons. Do not forget to take a break for yourself, otherwise after working without rest, you will feel that white light has turned into an irritation for you! This is by no means included in your plans.

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