Ways to Get Top Marks on Your Essay

Writing a university essay can prove to be a pretty daunting task, particularly if you’re a fresher and only have experience of writing A level standard essays. And it’s especially hard when you’re also a mom and sometimes lack time. Also, getting the right balance of good quality references and insight can be tough, so with that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on how to ace university essays every time.

Don’t leave your essay until the last minute

This might seem like an obvious point, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. If possible, you should never leave your essay until the last minute. Degree standard essays require work and research. The level of research involved means it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to produce a high-quality essay the night before your deadline. If you want to achieve a good grade, we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to properly research the topic, and the better your research, the higher chance you have of achieving a good grade.

Make sure your references are on point

Every good essay will have the references to back it up. When you start your essay, it’s a good idea to organize your sources. Make sure you keep track of all the books, websites, and journals you’re using – even if you’re only using them briefly. It’s always advisable to cast your net as wide as possible when it comes to your sources, just be sure that every source you use is both relevant and applicable. Don’t be afraid to be critical of them either, just because your source is published, it doesn’t mean it’s correct.

Be thorough

The more reading you do on the subject, the better placed you’ll be to write a good essay on it. Reading plenty of articles on your subject topic is always a good idea, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve a first simply by skimming over articles. Students who achieve a good grade are usually the ones that aren’t afraid to go beyond what is required of them, so when it comes to research, don’t hold back.

Stay critical

When it comes to university essays, you have to back up everything you say, so be sure to use quotes or comments to support your statements. Your essay will need some original input too, it’s no good simply regurgitating some information you’ve come across, you’ve got to make your own remarks. If you’re at all unsure over what to do when it comes to stamping your own opinion on your essay, you can always consult your lecturer.

Keep your focus

One of the main reasons essays don’t achieve a good grade is that the student fails to keep everything relevant. Don’t start rambling or getting lost in information. Think about the sources you’re using, do they support what you’re trying to say? If you’re struggling to give your essay some direction, you might want to think about using essay writing services. That way you can be sure your essay will be well researched and of the highest quality. Thus, you will still have enough time for both your family and studying.

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