These 10 Tips Can Improve Your Essay To Perfection

Check out these amazing tips that are destined to improve your essay and assure that you get the highest score and write that paper like a true pro!

10 Awesome Tips That Benefit Your Essay Like Crazy

Big as life and twice as handsome – how often do you hear that line, really? Especially with any of your activities in the context?

I know I have. People often say that about the papers I write but, then again, I am a professional UK essay writer for a reason, right? That does not mean however that you need the decades of experience I dedicated to writing for becoming the ultimate wordsmith of a perfect essay.

I genially only use as little as ten practices to polish my papers. The essays, in turn, score high for my clients and everybody wins. Do you want to learn and master there 10 elemental writing hacks? Sure you do!

The tips

Let’s cut straight to the chase here with my ultimate list of writing hacks.

  1. Your introduction is the key to success. If you have managed to catch the eye of the reader with your first sentence the odds are he will treat the rest of the paper with success. The safest bet here would be to kick off with an amazing stat. Go for really impressive numbers. Here is, however, a crazier, more personalized way – reveal a little secret about yourself (with respect to the subject matter, of course) and it will surely earn additional bonuses.
  2. Use a bridge to narrow the gap between the hook and the thesis. The best way here is to be specific and clearly describe what you are writing about, exactly.
  3. Don’t use a thesis everyone know about. Add controversy. There’s no point in reading words that state the simple truth. Your professor demands ground to argue on.
  4. The structure of every paragraph in the body of the paper is important as well. It goes like this – the first paragraph holds the core though of the essay, and the others back it up. Same goes for the blocks of text as well – the first sentence is the core concept and the remaining ones back it up.
  5. Every statement you make is to be backed with evidence. Period.
  6. Don’t just cite your proofs, narrate on them. Explain the materials you refer to in a way readers get.
  7. A conclusion is worthless without a specific plan of actions. If you were writing a paper about global warming the end of your paper must include at least a couple of ways to prevent it from ever happening.
  8. The shorter you sentences are, the better.
  9. Pay attention to assignment details. Your professor probably mentioned required format, styling and ways to properly document the sources. Follow these rules.
  10. Proofread once after you’ve done writing and once after you gave the paper a day to rest. You’ll simply notice more errors when the thoughts you’ve expressed are not as fresh in your head.


You now know the golden rules that make good essays great. Feel free to follow my advice and congratulations with the high score!

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