Tech Savvy Entrepreneur: The 10 Top Tools to Run Your Business from Anywhere

As a business owner, you’re pretty much a superhero.

You’re always in boss-awesome outfits and you save the day at the office.

Even superheroes have their top tools and you’re the same. Continue reading this article to learn the tools you need to run your business from anywhere.

Must-Have Top Tools for Online Business Owners

As you discover more tools, you’ll be able to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Anyone can use these tools and all of your favorite travelers use most or all of them.

1. Paypal

If you don’t have a way to collect payments, your business is stuck. You need to make sure that you have a business account set up.

If your account is only a personal account, you could have some problems accepting payments for your business. You can go through the help section for directions on how to set up your account properly.

As your account is in good standing with PayPal, you’ll be able to increase the amount of money you’re able to receive. The limits are in place to protect you and your customers but they can be frustrating. Some people choose to use a service called Stripe as opposed to using PayPal for payment.

2. eBay

eBay is not only a fun place to bid on potato chips that look like celebrities. eBay is a massive marketplace that processes thousands of transactions each day.

You can choose to sell products on eBay in order to get more attention from their large audience. Besides for a massive audience, eBay allows you to get a higher price for products that are in high demand.

If you don’t set a solid price, customers will be able to bid on your product until they hit a price they aren’t willing to pay.

3. Amazon

Amazon allows many businesses to sell through their marketplace. The way they have things set up will allow you to have access to millions of new customers with the support of Amazon’s infrastructure.

You don’t have to deal with customer support and other questions. People trust Amazon and you can get sales even if you’re an unknown retailer.

4. Time Tracker Toggl

You can’t get off track with your time or you’re not going to make any money. Unlike when you’re getting a salary as an employee, you need to track your time and make sure you’re performing income producing activities.

Failing to perform means failing to bring in money to fund your current travels. There are various time trackers available but many people choose to use apps on their phone for ease of use.

Toggl is an easy to use app as well as an extension on chrome which makes it easy for you to track what you’re doing at any given time and how long you’re doing it.

5. Quickbooks

No matter how far you go, you still need to take care of your accounting. If you wait until the end of the year to organize your taxes, you’re in for a big mess.

Quickbooks allows you to easily track each transaction so you never miss a deduction or other needed entry.

6. Word

When you want to quickly type of a document or save a doc as a PDF, Word is your friend. You can easily use this word processor to type up proposals and get information over to clients.

7. Excel

Excel is another great tool that allows you to track important numbers. You can use formulas to easily calculate and track key performance indicators.

8. Powerpoint

Need to wow a client with a fancy slideshow? Powerpoint is a user-friendly slideshow creator. Whether you’re doing an in-person presentation or if you’re presenting in the front of the room, Powerpoint allows you to insert images, charts, text, and other elements to make a great presentation.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage companies available. If you don’t want to keep all of your documents on your computer, using Dropbox will allow you to have an easy to search database.

You can upload any type of file and access it at a later date. You can also use Dropbox to let other people access the documents and download them on their devices.

10. Slack

If you run a team then you need slack. Slack is an easy way to communicate with your team in an organized way.

When you use slack, you can set up different channels. These different channels might be for different tasks that team members need to collaborate on or they might be for different teams.

Think of these channels as categories. Slack has other abilities that will allow you to manage your team more effectively and no remote team should be without it.

Tools Make Life Easier

smileDon’t skimp on the tools you have for your business. Running a remote business can be very freeing but if you don’t have a system in place, your business can suffer.

Determine the tools you need before you leave on your travels. For the first run of working away, you may want to have someone picking up the slack in case something goes wrong.

Learn More About Business

Now that you have these top tools, you are probably interested in other areas of business.

One of the most important things you can do is keep up with trends and see how you can profit off of them. Keep on top of trends and the latest business information by reading our jobs and careers section today.

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