Physically Active Employees Have Higher Salaries

Physical exercises are so healthful they support us in all spheres of life, in the professional one probably even more than in others. Workouts keep us energized and productive; is it any wonder, then, that employees who are active in sports and exercises draw higher salaries? The latest study by Professor of Economics Vasilios Kosteas, based in Cleveland State, furnishes scientific confirmation of the fact.


Dr. Kosteas’ research aimed at finding a connection between leading a physically active life and making a living. It emerges that employees devoted to working out earn more in comparison with their more sedentary colleagues by something like 9%.

These results (to be found in the Journal of Labor Research, the June issue) bear out previous results of sport-and-work researches. They are quite understandable: workouts are conducive to a higher discipline and more efficient work owing to better mental and physical condition. Such people are likely to look better, younger and more alert.

Moreover, according to Dr. Kosteas, the principle works even for those who do not put much of themselves into exercising, and the salary indices grow with the growth of regularity and intensity of working out. Physical and psychological fitness gets reflected in pay, the study shows.

The professor believes further research is needed to lay out the interrelationship more clearly.

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