Obesity Causing Jobs List


The staff of the CareerBuilder JobSearch recruitment company has conducted a study on the jobs that cause obesity.


The leading jobs that cause weight gain were teachers and engineers, and the slimmest jobs included scientists and factory workers. During the study, the experts divided the professions into two groups: contributing to weight loss and contributing to obesity. They interviewed around 3,700 people: 55% of them believed that they were overweight, and 40% believed that they gained weight because of their job.

The professions of an assistant director (69%), an engineer (56%), a teacher (51%) and a lawyer (48%) are related to the risk of obesity. 16% of the respondents said they had lost weight as a result of their job. The “slimmest” professions included that of a factory worker and a scientist.

More than a half of the respondents identified sedentary jobs as the cause of obesity, about 35% named stress, 26% of the respondents pointed out irregular and unhealthy eating habits, 17% spoke about participation in corporate parties and holiday dinners with colleagues, while 9% complained about the lack of time for eating, as well as the pressure on the part of the colleagues concerning their diet.

According to the authors of the study, about a half of the respondents regularly attended a gym, and 30% did physical exercises at home. In addition, many employers were trying to positively influence the health of their employees. Thus, about one-third of the respondents said their company provided them with an opportunity to attend a gym free of charge.