Most People Have Slept with a Coworker

We heard so much about actors dating actresses and relationships burgeoning on sets. It’s so easy to feel attracted to someone who is constantly around – chances to flirt are plenty. But it doesn’t go for Hollywood people only; actually, it happens even more often with us ordinary folks. Probably it’s not surprising for you have already heard from your friend that they got too intimate with a coworker… or is it your guilty secret?


The results of’s Singles in America survey (5,600 people were involved in the poll) revealed that about every third person invited their coworker on a date at least once. For 65% of those the date(s) ended with a one-night stand, and 56% went on to become friends with benefits.

It emerges that men are more interested in getting a pretty coworker between the sheets than women – while only 29% of women polled admitted they would like to take a coworker to bed, with men 57% cherish the desire. These figures are about dreaming; if we want to know the lurid truth, 15% of women and 46% of men did sleep with someone they worked with.

Is it becoming a social disease? Not quite: over 50% of the people involved stated that they hold a satisfying relationship over work. Nice to know, but while we imbibe this information it’s worth our while to keep in mind that the people polled were users of the dating site, so the picture can hardly be called a typical one.

So, this is it. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you really want to go out of your way to lure the nice guy that walks past your desk several times every day.

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