How to Write an Article

Lots of people nowadays have their own blogs or an active Facebook page with a lot of followers. Of course, it’s fun (and even earns you money) to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, but sometimes it’s tough to find the time and strength to update your blog regularly. Maybe because it seems you’ve already written on just every single topic you could imagine. In a similar way, even if you’re an experienced freelancer, there are times when you don’t even know how to start writing on this or that topic or trying out a brand new writing style. But we know how to help you!

Writing an opinion article is very personal, as it reflects a person’s subjective view of a subject in a concrete way. In a subject as subjective and subject to many interpretations, there are few manuals are worth, but at least you can give some recommendations that can follow in the beginning if you want to know how to write a good article of opinion.

Steps to follow:

Understanding the topic

There are people who daily devote themselves to writing opinion articles talking about topics they only know by ear, but with phrases that sound very real. Out of respect to readers and himself, the first step before writing a text should be to find out enough about a topic, if you do not know in depth. It is thus possible to give more reasoning and to find more arguments to defend a particular position.

The freedom

To write an opinion article has its own style, but take into account who your readers are. It is not the same thing to write in a nationalist generalist journal and in a sports magazine or fashion magazine. In each publication, there is a type of player and a more or less unitary style, but the good of the opinion section is precisely what allows “taking the foot off the floor” and give more freedom to the writer. That yes, in the style that decides to keep (nicer or more serious, more analytical or less precise), it is best to keep a few guidelines recognizable in his writing. After all, every time you publish an article you are helping to create an image of yourself among your readers, take that into account.

Use literary resources appropriately

It will fundamentally depend on the type of audience you are writing for, but in general terms, it can either undermine a style that is too poor and simple or too heavy and pedantic. Look for a balance and try not to abuse resources like metaphor, or similar, hyperbole, etc. That yes, conveniently used these features are the ones that mark the difference between simply a good text and an extraordinary piece. Mix your ingredients carefully and you will have a first-class text. Abuse them and the guests will leave dinner ahead of time. In case you’re writing a college essay in a hurry, you can get your aid from

Use humor

If you want to write a good article of opinion add a few drops of humor. Even more delicate than the previous point, and more difficult to apply, even if it does not look like it. Apply a dose of fine irony or tell an incredible story as this can make your opinion column a success. A bland joke or abuse of this feature can have a demolishing effect and may end up turning against you, so you should do everything with care. But if you think this kind of resource is good, and if the theme allows you to introduce a little humor whenever possible, your readers will thank you.

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