How to Get Rid of Public Speaking Anxiety?

A lump in the throat, wet palms, trembling through the body. If you find yourself uncomfortable even in front of a small audience, you are familiar with public speaking anxiety. Many people face this problem, and it does not matter whether you are broadcasting at the stadium in front of a crowd of thousands or presenting the project to colleagues. Keep reading for tips on how best to deal with your fear.

Examine your fear

Observe your fear the moment it occurs. What are you really afraid of, what are you thinking at this time, what are you experiencing: panic, anxiety, embarrassment? Write down your observations. List any concerns you have.

Remember your childhood

It is difficult to deal with the consequence without knowing the reason. Once you understand where fear came from, it will be easier for you to root it out. For example, you can find two sources like this:

Fear is inherited. You can take after your shy parents and get the belief that you need to be quiet rather than attract attention;

Once you forgot the words, and someone made fun of you. This is an unpleasant sensation that can linger inside for a long time.

Work on getting more relaxed

Try dancing. Dancing is a great way to learn to feel more confident and freer and start having fun when you are in the spotlight. Vocal lessons can be another important point.

Learn the technical basics of speaking

By reading books on public speaking and observing different speakers, you can analyze the structure of speech, ways to engage the audience, and fill in the breaks. Each expert has their own tricks, and there is a lot to learn for yourself.

Explore yourself as an expert

People go on stage to share information and values with people. Think about what you can give the audience. Are you number one in your profession? Is your personal story completely unique and useful for others to learn from this experience?

Admit that we are all different

Not everyone needs to jump energetically on stage and shout motivational phrases like Tony Robbins. Each person is special, and you need to be yourself, and not try to meet the standards. Of course, the stage has its own rules, but you need to be yourself. Using different tricks, visualization techniques, and preps, you can stand out from the rest.


After you’ve already had your first successful performance, you don’t need to stop there. It takes constant practice. You can post stories, record voice messages and videos to friends, speak at small events in a circle of acquaintances.

Everyone is scared at the beginning of the journey, especially if thousands of eyes are looking at you, but working through your fears and constant practice can fix the situation.

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