How to Cope with Workplace Stress


Those who are committed to the 9-to-5 working schedule know what the worst time of the week is – not Monday, for some the second half of Sunday would be much worth, plagued by so-called “Sunday scaries,” they being the feeling that gets one down with the realization that the weekend is drawing to its close. As the shadow of the Monday morning office starts to loom ahead, people tend to lose heart and feel dejected.

Of course, that largely hangs on the atmosphere surrounding their workplace. Should it occur that there are tumultuous currents washing around – whether due to co-workers‘ frictions or to the stress of performing one‘s duties – pre-office and first-office hours may generate a lot of anxiety. You can’t really escape the situation that you depend on for your livelihood; meanwhile, there are ways you can mitigate the onset.

Psychologists can step in and give advice on how you can control your workplace anxiety. There are things you can do to brighten up the hours that you are unable to face with perfect confidence.
You need a person who is ready to listen to you while you are unburdening about your stress
As your work strain amounts, you begin to need a free ear to pour out your troubles in. Giving vent to your anxiety with the assistance from friends and family members may go a long way towards relieving your stress. If you feel it isn’t enough, don’t hesitate to consult a professional therapist who can help you come to terms with your anxiety and advise you on what you can do to minimize the pressure of anticipation.

Be mindful of your inner dialogue

See to it that you are in good terms with yourself, regardless of what is happening around you in your workplace. As you keep getting tasks completed, pause to sing praise to yourself. Keep it in your mind that you keep your company running. In case of an error, focus on what you can learn from it. If you have many unbearable tasks, try to tackle them without undue complaining. Brace yourself for the strain and tell yourself you get a hell of a good job done.

Completing your workday, think of things for which you can be grateful

Gratitude being a powerful healing force, make sure you instill it into your work routine. Remind yourself that you are instrumental in bringing to the public your company’s goods or services thereby bettering your compatriots‘ life. Then, you have a computer to work on, instead of a typing machine or nothing except a pen and paper. You can glide along with unbelievable ease and get paid for your efforts in spite of some factors about your work that can get you down.

Once you have embraced the grateful attitude, it is sure to grow on you and the more receptive of your coworkers – people around you are likely to follow suit and find reasons to feel better getting on with their work.

Be vociferous about your problems at work

You can’t but have some problems while doing your bit – what do you do, try to play them down or go get help? The factor that shows that you take your job seriously is when you turn to your colleagues for help if you’re not sure how to proceed. As soon as you understand you are stumped, why not invite your coworker to participate in sorting out the issue or telling your superior that you are in need of contribution from other employees? The task needs to be completed, and if you arranged to get it done, it will be to your benefit.

While you may be thinking along the lines that you have been burdened with an unbearable amount of work and you tend to believe your superior is treating you like a robot, try to shift over to another frame of mind. Yes, a lot of responsibility has been pinned on you, but it doesn’t follow you can’t reach out for support from your fellow workers. If you do so, you will come across as the one wanting to do things in the best way possible. Besides, you can make a pitch for leadership if you can arrange fort he issues to get settled instructing your helpers along.

Find the technique for dealing with stress that is right for you

While your work saps you, there’s a need for techniques that can restore your attention, concentration and the ability to cope with the tasks set before you. It could be any relaxation/breathing technique that helps you shake off distress or tiredness and revive your focusing power. The technique can be very simple like taking a walk about the place or breathing deeply for a short period while observing your sweet self calming down gradually.

If you had a meeting or a discussion that increased your anxiety, take it as a good incentive to put your mind at rest. Step out of the situation that threw you into pangs of irresolution or concern and takes time out that can reset your thinking mode. By moving out into a different environment you can find your brain tackling the problem with a renewed vigor a discovering a solution which wasn’t to be found while you were staying inside the box.

Recognize your vulnerability

Stop to track down the things that make you feel lost. Now that you have got a bad feeling to try to find out what it is that lies underneath. Maybe you feel at your worst when you think your opinions are disregarded? Or you are unstuck when you feel overburdened with work? Or you believe you were overlooked when the assignments for a new project were being given out? Is a task of preparing a presentation or a public speech looming overwhelming for you? When you know exactly what it is that causes you so much worrying you can work out a procedure that could guarantee the best results for you without depleting your resources mercilessly.