How to Make Workers More Productive

The researchers have found that working in an openspace office leads to health deterioration and loss of labor productivity. Moreover, the human brain initiates unnecessary activity, getting distracted from the matter.

Office workers

Openspaces appeared in the 1950-s and became popular very quickly. The scientists led by the neurologist Dr. Jack Lewis have intentionally measured the brain waves of the office workers of this type. It turned out that people are diverted by any interference, including a neighbor’s call.

The strict and conservative atmosphere does not help to concentrate. Regarding diversity in the environment, the experiments have shown that the employees work better in the offices where one can find pictures and flowers. And if they were allowed to fill the space with their belongings, their efficiency would rise by 15%, and their health would be 32% better.

The studies confirm the research conducted by Professor Fred Gage from Salk Institute. He compared the brains of mice that had been placed in clean cages and those of the mice which were in a more diverse environment. As a result, the brain of the mice from the second group grew by 15%. The experts say that it is the same with people: external stimuli from the environment are very important.

Source of the image: Photl.

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