Every Third Boss Thinks His Female Colleagues Apply Too Much Makeup

So, over a third of our bosses think that we wear too much makeup to work. The bosses called bright-red lips, too much eye liner, and too much rouge the greatest sins of employees.

Bosses Dont Like Office Makeup

Lipstick has become the bosses’ most disliked make-up. 32% of the surveyed executives believe that women come to the office with too bright hues. 28% named excesive use of the eye liner the principal error of the office makeup for women, and 15% were opposed to too bright rouge.

However, not all bosses are so hateful to the makeup of their subordinates. 12% of bosses still say they support women, who apply makeup before going to the office.

However, as the survey came to the theme that makeup helped women increase the commercial performance of the company (sales and customer acquisition), the bosses generally agreed that such use of makeup did not irritate them.

The study was conducted by Officerbroker.

And how do you apply makeup before work?

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