The Best Careers That Help Others

It used to be that when you applied for a job, or you chose a particular career, you stayed there. That was your ‘job for life,’ and you worked your way up through the different levels until you were a manager or even the boss. Or you might have stayed at any level in between, depending on where you felt most comfortable and were most content.

It’s a different world today. Most people take jobs knowing they are only temporary and understanding that at some point, they will need to change either because they need more money, more enjoyment, more responsibility, or a combination of these things. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to change jobs; you simply find one you like the sound of and send across your resume. Changing careers is a little different, and if you don’t have the experience required to change, you will need to get it through additional learning. You might need to go back to school.

This will be worth it, though, when you can work in the career you know will suit you better. For many, this is a career that allows them to help others, and here are some of the best examples of this.

Social Worker

A social worker is someone who can change lives for the better every day. If you are looking for a career that really can offer immense job satisfaction, being a social worker has to be near the top of the list. It’s hard work, and it can be extremely emotional, so you do need to be a certain type of person to be able to enjoy it, and you must ensure you have someone to talk to after a hard day, so you don’t bottle up your problems. Having said that, don’t let any of this put you off; the positives far outweigh the negatives.

What are some of the reasons people decide to start a career in social work? Some include:

  • Giving others self-worth
  • Changing lives in a positive way
  • You’ll help people in many different ways
  • Every day is different
  • You get to meet new people
  • You will be challenged and have to think quickly
  • You will learn more about yourself


Can you even begin to imagine a world without teachers in it? Without teachers, we wouldn’t have any other profession either because it all starts at school. A good teacher is something very special indeed, and it can be the most rewarding of careers no matter what age range you choose to teach.

Children who have great teachers will be more engaged in their learning and much happier at school. This will help them find careers they love and hobbies they enjoy, and will generally make their lives very happy ones. Even if they don’t realize how much of an influence their teachers are having on them at the time it is happening, they may very well look back after they have graduated and understood just how lucky they were.

If you want to be a teacher, you can help other people, from tiny children to grown adults, depending on what level and subject you want to teach. You can even specialize further and undertake SEN teacher training to help those who perhaps need the most help of all. Whatever you choose and whichever direction you want to take your teaching, you will help many different people.


If you close your eyes and think of the job that is going to help the most people, the first thing that will come to many minds is nursing. After all, no one is ever more vulnerable or in need than when they are unwell or injured. A nurse is someone who will be there to help make patients as comfortable as possible, in even the most difficult of circumstances, and to talk to them, keep them calm, and help them get through whatever trauma it is they are undergoing. Nurses also talk to relatives to keep them involved in the situation, and they assist doctors and surgeons in procedures and with medication to ensure the patient gets the best possible care.

A nurse must do all of this while remaining completely calm and professional, even when emotions are running high. This is not easy to do, and takes someone dedicated, focused, and who cares about helping people. Nurses are there at the beginning and end of their lives, and they are there in between when things go wrong. Nurses are always needed, so if this is the direction you are thinking of taking your career, you know you’ll be able to find your ideal position and really do your best work once you have qualified.

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