How to Avoid a Layoff in Crisis

Economic crisis may look like retreating, but some experts predict it’s going to be worse soon. Last year showed less valuable employees were being laid off first. Now that those were sidelined, the competition among employees is going to be stiffer than ever. So now your strategy is supposed to go to higher level, instead of being just valuable, you should become priceless!


Crisis Survival Strategy

Be Initiative

If last year that keep a low profile strategy could still work, today you can’t play the same trick again. Try to offer something, a thoughtful anti-crisis initiative.

Be Loyal

At good times, rumors a competent employee is weighing offers from the outside might have made the employer raise your pay, but not now.

Stay Quiet When Your Boss Goes Mad

You boss is stressed out just like you and will be appreciative of your support.

Don’t Ask for Bonuses or Pay Raise

On the contrary, you should show your understanding about the predicament by what you do and say.

Stay Away from Initiatives That Need Big Investments

Always make sure you can justify expenses and demonstrate your efforts to save resources.

Be Careful About Vacations and Compensatory Leaves

Your place is always up for grabs when you are absent!

Be Optimistic

Any employer won’t have the heart to sack a live wire who’s never panicked.

Hang Out with Someone from HR Department

HR guys are first to know who’s next.

How to Enhance Your Supervisor’s Perception of You

Escape your smoke breaks and that will push you up the assessment scale. Put your smoke breaks time in something useful:

  • Planning your work week. By so doing, you are managing your time properly and organizing your thoughts.
  • Attending to the correspondence of secondary importance.
  • Doing the eye exercises and resting your back (bring along your portable massager if you can).
Nobody is immune against layoffs, but loving your profession ultimately pays off. Push yourself the farthest you can, do your job well and be punctual. Your partners and supervisors equally hate being kept waiting.

What You Should Avoid Doing at Job during Crisis

  • Surf the Internet aimlessly, especially squandering your time on visiting entertainment sites. You’d rather give your eyes a rest from the monitor.
  • Invite your colleagues to have a cup of coffee with you. Your supervisor won’t like you drawing employees away from their work.
  • Use your office phone for personal calls. That clearly displays you have nothing to do.

Are You Prepared for Massive Layoffs?

If you know for sure massive layoffs are imminent, you have to be fully prepared.

  • Hoard money away. This would allow you looking for a new job without being panicked.
  • Meet people. Sign in at one of the forums of people of your profession or join a community. Somebody may hint at a vacant place for you.
  • Find a part-time job, if that conforms to your employment agreement. Even small extra cash is better than none at all. In addition, you will have experience in some new field for you.

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