8 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

Keeping your finances under control is an important criterion for adulthood. Very often I meet the tips that recommend cutting costs to make ends meet. Although this is a great way to solve money problems, I do not want to change my way of life. Fortunately, there are unusual ways to earn some cash without sacrificing your favorite habits:

1. Sell your photos

Do you have a trained eye? Your photos from the holidays deserve more than hundreds of likes on Instagram? You have the opportunity to sell your own pictures in photo agencies, such as Shutterstock, iStock or Depositphotos. It does not matter whether you are new to a photo session or a professional, you will get a small amount of money anyway. Most stocks work on a pay-per-download basis, so every time someone downloads your photo, you get a small percentage. Consider that you cannot sell images containing logos or trademarks, as well as photos of buildings protected by the law on intellectual property. To register, you will need to scan an identity document, as well as indicate a PayPal account for withdrawing money.

2. Become a mystery shopper

If you have an excellent memory and you are attentive to detail – you are a perfect mystery shopper. Send a resume to large retail chains, register and regularly receive certain tasks. You will need to go to different shops, share your experience and get paid for it – nothing is easier. Most often, companies compensate for all the expenses, provide discounts and other bonuses, so this can be not only a way to earn money but also an excellent way to reduce costs.

3. Discover shopping areas on the Internet

Trading platforms are an excellent place to exchange goods and services, which are usually made for money. What’s important: you can not only relieve your wardrobe for some cash but also get something you need for free. Someone gets rid of the things because they do not have enough space or because the things are bought by mistake, or even if the people are planning to move abroad. Look for suitable offers nearby to get the most benefit and remember that the time for the best promotions is limited.

4. Give out a room for rent

If you have a spare room in your own apartment and you want to earn some money – you can think about finding someone to rent it. In addition, someone can rent the whole of your apartment, if you go for a long vacation. You will at least slightly reimburse travel expenses. Of course, it is worth taking a lot of security measures and contacts an intermediary agency, but if you think through all the nuances – it will be worth it.

5. Sell your skills

Perhaps you have a great voice that would be great for voice acting indie games. Maybe, you have an unusual style in drawing that new publications might be interested in. Use Task Rabbit or YouDo – the sites that are great platforms for selling your skills. Even if you think that you do not have any talent – you can offer the service of editing, collecting information and solving other simple tasks.

6. Advise

There must be something that you are extremely good at – and others can find this skill very valuable. You can use the SkillShare or Udemy platforms to hold online consultations, telling how you solve a particular task in your main job. Perhaps you will have a competent ad on Facebook that will help you organize a webinar. Many experts in different fields prepare full-fledged lectures, which bring them passive income for many years. Remember that it is not necessary to be a certified specialist to find your audience. It is enough to be able to share your own skills.

7. Share your opinion

When you were little, parents could tell you to keep your opinion to yourself, but now you can make money with your own voice. There are large companies that pay for participation in focus groups, telephone surveys, beta testing, and other product checks. Some of them are conducted in the format of interviews and require personal presence – some can be online. In addition, if you actively run your pages in social networks and you can boast of having a couple of thousands of subscribers – some brands can offer you their products for review.

8. Connect to Uber

If you work part-time and have your own car – you have the opportunity to earn, making a few trips as a taxi driver. Now it does not greatly affect the state of your car – you will only receive orders that are nearby. You can also work only when you find it convenient for yourself, you do not need to accomplish any tasks.



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