8 Signs of a Loser

Why do some have everything and others, not less intelligent and capable, have nothing? Screenwriter and author of Richard Nixon’s speeches, Benjamin Stein, formulated 8 differences between successful people and hopeless losers.


If you are bothered with the question why the friend who graduated from the University with honors, just like you, now works as director of a major financial corporation, and you give bank loans as a clerk, look at yourself closely. Maybe you have some of the following signs?

1. Self-deception

Many people don’t succeed because they build vain illusions. They deceive themselves by wishful thinking, exaggerating their own importance, or, on the contrary, justify their laziness with phrases like “It won’t work”, “I cannot do it”.

2. Inefficiency

Sitting on the couch, you will not achieve success. A place in life is achieved through continuous work on yourself and your goals. Success is acquired as a result of hard work. Losers rely on their talent, not knowing that it can be easily ruined. The world has enough geniuses and educated people, but only those who are willing to work hard succeed.

3. Disrespect to friends

Losers do not know how to build warm and friendly relations. They are kind and courteous to those who treat them down, but are often rude and dismissive with friends.

4. Ill manners

Losers are discourteous and purposely neglect public morality. They are intentionally late for meetings, ignore agreements, never thank for gifts and services rendered. And, of course, losers never admit their mistakes.

5. Bad taste in clothing

Losers dress carelessly, they come to an interview wearing the same clothes, which they wear to a bar with friends, appear at receptions in jeans, considering that they show their disregard of fashion this way. But, according to Stein, this behavior shows that losers do not belong here.

6. Grumpiness

Losers always wear a mask of discontent on the face. They do not like anything, everyone around is a fool or rascal. They see conspiracy and catch in everything.

7. Unnecessary disputes

Losers like to argue. And it does not matter what the topic is – they like to argue for the sake of argument. The purpose of the discussion is not to prove their rightness (losers do not need it), but to show off, exercise in rhetoric.

8. Putting off for later

Losers cannot and do not want to prioritize. They never know where to start, what is paramount, and what is not. Therefore, they often dissipate their energies doing several things at once and none of them is completed.

If you find at least two of these symptoms in yourself, take action immediately!