7 Things to Ask about in a Job Interview

A forthcoming job interview is quite an unnerving experience, and many people have to brace themselves to get in the proper mood for one. They keep thinking what they can be asked about and how to give answers that will impress. But halt, who said you’re only there to answer questions? You can ask some of your own, and actually this is a good way to stand out from the other applicants, showing that you are interested, knowledgeable and serious about your application. Consider these ideas for questions to your perspective employer – and maybe come up with some of your own!


1. Is there a big staff working here?

This shows that you would like to get an idea of how big the company is, how many people you will have to deal with every day, what will be your place within the hierarchy. Moreover, if you expect to get particular working conditions, it may be a very important bit of information for you. Besides, the employer may like that you express an interest in their company.

2. Do you like to be working here?

This is a question that will let you know about the atmosphere within the company. The interviewer’s reaction may tell you a lot: whether they respond straightaway or after a pause, whether they smile and are at their ease as they reply to you, or your question made them uncomfortable and they will be trying to cover up. You may even decide you don’t want this job, after all!

3. How soon will you get back to me?

That’s essential to know for your own peace of mind, because you will be looking forward to their next step after the interview! It’s much more convenient for you to know when to expect them to call you, and you will realize that they do own up to a degree of responsibility about not letting you hanging up in midair about it.

4. What working hours am I to expect?

You are perfectly within your rights to know beforehand whether you will have your working day the length you desire – or the employer will insist on other working arrangements? You don’t want to be in for a surprise learning how long you will have to work after you have signed up for the job. If your job description doesn’t carry this information, mind you bring up this point at the interview and get a clear picture of your working commitments.

5. Are there many other applicants?

Once again, this may provide an essential bit of information for you! If you get to know that the choice lies among several people, you can try and show that your personal qualities are just right for the job, while if there are more people who compete, the accent may be made on your high level of professionalism. But don’t let it get you down if the number of applicants will seem great to you!

6. What will be my responsibilities?

The more you learn about your perspective job, the better you will be able to see if it suits you down to the ground. Your job description may have furnished only the bare bones, so probe the interviewer about as many exact details as you can. Once again, it will go to show that you are serious and painstaking. Form your questions as follows: «I read that the position implies… But what other tasks will be delegated to me?” It’s all right when you come to the interview with only a general idea about the position, but when you leave you ought to get a much more detailed picture of what you will be doing.

7. What was there in my application that made you choose me?

You will want to get this valuable feedback on your application and your resume. If it is possible, open up your interviewer about your experience details, your cover letter, or maybe it was something in your references that proved to be a good hook. You will get to know better what people are expecting to find in an employee and thereby boost your confidence.

Since you will want to know exactly that you do want this job, it becomes even more important that you come to the interview prepared to ask questions as well as to answer them. Think about other things you may want to know, and let your interviewer see by your questions that you are a careful and well-organized individual. Besides, you will take a lot of stress out of your interview.

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