7 Lucrative Careers Where You Can Make a Difference

Perhaps your current job pays fairly well, but you feel as though it lacks meaning. Maybe you’d prefer to work for a nonprofit organization or your job does make the world a better place, but you have bills to pay and loved ones to support. The good news is that you can get the best of both worlds.
Having a job where you contribute to society and get compensated well for doing so is a dream for many. What stops most people are the educational requirements, especially for careers in the medical field. But these exist to ensure that only the most passionate and capable workers are able to carry out their jobs, so this should be no challenge for you.

In any case, contributing to society is a fundamental aspect of many different sectors that you might not have thought of. Let’s take a look at 7 careers where you can make a difference and earn a comfortable salary at the same time.

911 Dispatcher

If you’d like to join the force but are currently unable to become an officer, or you prefer not to be on the frontlines, being a 911 dispatcher allows you to help people in dire times of need by evaluating calls and directing the appropriate services. From sending out fire and ambulance services to directing police to fight crime, the job of a 911 dispatcher is critical to the overall safety of society.

Mental Health Counselor

As awareness around mental health increases among the general population, more people are willing to seek help during stressful times. This makes the job of a mental health counselor both extremely valuable and highly lucrative. As a mental health counselor, your job will involve helping people with marriage issues, substance abuse, and disorders.

Some also work in schools to help children build their confidence, find suitable careers and lead better lives. To become a mental health counselor, you need to have the right education. For an idea of what to expect, take a look at these accredited mental health counseling programs that can be taken online.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

If you’re still saving up to study and you need a job to help you reach your goals, becoming a solar photovoltaic installer is a considerable way to go. Demand for workers in this field is soaring and requirements are as low as a high school diploma. Your efforts will help save the environment by contributing to the increased use of renewable energy.

Ethics Officer

Ethics officers help organizations function in line with the standards of business practice. This includes ensuring that a company’s information is accurate and correctly filed to prevent harm to stakeholders. As an ethics officer, you’ll also handle issues in the workplace, such as disputes, harassment, discrimination, and antitrust problems.

The main role of an ethics officer is to develop a suitable code of ethics for an organization. They might also help with putting together training programs and initiatives to raise awareness around the importance of ethics in the workplace. Without them, many businesses would struggle to stay afloat due to issues with employees and stakeholders.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers help companies minimize their impact on the environment by advising sustainable development plans. Your efforts will help prevent water, noise and air pollution. You will also help form policies surrounding environmental issues. Those with project management experience often make six figures in this field.


According to The Diabetes Council, the U.S. is spending over double the amount of the average healthcare expenditure of all countries included in the study. Obesity and its subsequent health issues are becoming a serious epidemic, costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year. As a nutritionist, you have the opportunity to make a difference in this area.

Your job will involve assessing patients and advising them on healthy eating habits to support their weight loss goals or manage illnesses such as diabetes. They also do follow-ups to ensure their plans are working. Nutritionists typically have a bachelor’s degree and those who enter specialized fields are paid particularly well.

Urban Planner

Do you want to help make your city a cleaner, safer and less stressful environment for all who live in it? Then becoming an urban planner is a considerable career path. Urban planners often work independently to create plans for land use based on environmental and economic factors. It’s worth noting that urban planners usually have master’s degrees.

There are many more careers out there that enable you to make a difference in countless people’s lives. Find one that suits your knowledge, skills, and personality and go for it.

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