5 Ways to Build Your Company’s Brand

In our modern world, businesses don’t just sell goods and services. They sell brands. The most popular companies in the world, from Apple to Zappos, all understand the value of branding and creating an experience that their customers want to be a part of.

Never before have so many branding tools been so easily accessible. If you run a small business like a beauty salon, you can rely on a smartphone business management app that fits your specific needs. Otherwise, you’ll need to capitalize on every affordable and simple branding tactic available to boost your business’s status as a standout brand.

Here are 5 easy ways to do just that:

1. Use Social Media

There are over 2 billion people on social media, and that number is always growing. If you are not already working on having as large of a social media presence as you possibly can, you need to start right now.

Sites like Twitter are great for branding. You can utilize their hashtag features to post about specific and relevant topics. By doing so, everyone else on Twitter who is looking up that hashtag has a chance of coming across your post. The secret is to do this constantly so that you can successfully build brand awareness.

Other social media websites like Instagram are great for sharing photos and short videos. Facebook allows you to create groups and events. Consider what your business offers and think about how to best use these sites to brand.

2. Have a Cool Website

Building a brand doesn’t stop at getting people to recognize your company’s name. You need to convert them into buyers. This is where having a killer website comes into play.

There are so many website builders out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming. You should work with a branding company who can build you a website that conveys your brand with pleasant user experience. Find a partner who is responsive and enjoyable to work with.

3. Facebook Ads

In the world of digital marketing, there is perhaps no tool more powerful than Facebook Ads. When you choose to advertise on Facebook, you are given the option to filter who will see your advertisements. You can filter by information such as interests, age, gender, relationship status, and much more.

The tech giant also offers Facebook Pixel. Pixel allows you to track everyone who visits your awesome website when they click through your Facebook Ad. This is an incredibly helpful tool because you can use that information later to target those individuals with more specialized ads.

4. Partner with Influencers

Influencers are people on social media who have anywhere between a few thousand to millions of dedicated followers. There are all kinds of influencers who appeal to all different types of consumers- they can represent your brand and give you a word of mouth boost.

When you partner with an influencer, they show off how great it is to use your product or service and their many followers will take notice. Influencer culture is an extremely popular branding tool used by many start-ups as well as more established brands.

5. Movement Marketing

Many businesses utilize movement marketing because it is a proven way to quickly and effectively build a base of dedicated consumers. Is there a cause that you feel strongly about? Post about it. Donate to it. Encourage others to support your cause too.

Most likely, if it means a lot to you, there are probably a bunch of other people who also care about it. When these people find out about your brand, they are going to want to support you just as much as the cause. And they’ll tell others about you too. Just make sure to be genuine about the cause you care about. Otherwise, content browsers will see through you.

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