5 Phrases Guaranteed to End Your Career

There are phrases which can drive even the sweetest and kindest boss mad. Remember them if you do not want to ruin your career.


1. “I Don’t Understand”

Your boss does not have to spoon-feed you to every little thing. He/she should explain the task to you, but his/her duties do not include a step-by-step explanation. You should understand the task set before you, as an expert in your field.

2. “Could You Repeat, Please?”

Sometimes it is better to ask again than do something wrong. But if it is repeated again and again, the boss can decide that you just do not listen. And it shows disrespect and negligence.

3. “That’s Not My Fault”

Then whose fault is it? If the boss has addressed his/her complaints to you, it means that he/she believes you are the one responsible. And if a negligent colleague let you down not preparing the required documents on time, no need to say it to your boss. You are still guilty – you are in charge, so, you had to monitor the process. Therefore, never change the points.

4. “We Have to Talk, It’s Very Important”

What is important to you, may not have any value to the boss, so don’t start a conversation with these words. But if you feel the need to talk to the boss, come up to him/her when he/she is less busy, and, first of all, explain what the conversation will be about.

5. “It’s Not Part of My Duty”

Such a categorical and rude response has ruined more than one career. If you really think so, explain to the boss briefly and clearly why you cannot fulfil his/her request. But sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to help without wasting words.

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