12 Things Women Do as Office Workers

As office becomes our customary place to be, we gradually begin to bring it round to our wants and tastes – in whatever ways we can, and these ways can be rather numerous! After all, you want to be comfortable at your working place, and you arrange things your way. Some of these little arrangements are your little secrets (which everybody knows about).


One of your drawers contains a snack store

There is an unbelievable amount of goodies off all shapes and tastes. This cache comes in very useful when you have to skip lunch, treat a colleague or a visitor, or simply enjoy a guilty dive into a nosebag.

Piling damnations on the head of your noisy colleague

There usually is a coworker who pours out an ongoing tale of her heart worries and troubles; at times it is pleasantly distracting, but at other times you can do practically anything to stem the flow.

Making use of pauses to arrange things for yourself

Sometimes you forget about certain things, and they come back to you when you are in the office. What is easier than to pick up your work phone and call your beauty salon to fix an appointment or arrange small repairs with your landlord. A load off your mind, and you can get back to work.

Freebies keep collecting

All these freebies you come by, they are placed in a drawer (or anywhere it was convenient to place them at the time) and stay there for good. You haven’t the heart to get rid of them.

Google chat is an irresistible temptation

There are always some of your friends online, and more often than not there are things to discuss. What fun, and the time passes unnoticed. But you have to keep in mind that work may suffer while you give yourself up to chatting…

Arranging your life can be done so effectively during work hours

How come it is most convenient to discuss and arrange weekend events when you are at work? Nevertheless, it is so, and you are definitely more efficient and productive than when doing it from home. Now all the dates are fixed, and you can get round to work.

Conversations in the bathroom get on your nerves

Somebody always wants to talk about something while the water is running. Don’t they realize you can’t make out half of what they are saying? Why won’t they wait until the conditions are more propitious? Do they need you to tell them that?

You can’t help rummaging in the kitchen in search of left treats

Well, it’s sort of natural curiosity, when you are passing by the office kitchen and there’s nobody there, why not peep in to see if somebody forgot something yummy – which may be just what you need right now…

The inside temperature is never just right

Somehow it turns out to be impossible to get the office air conditioner to process the air exactly how you like it. It evolves into a never-ending battle and a ceaseless source of irritation.

Desk dancing is what the office is for

In good time, out of turn, probably every woman falls for a spell of desk dancing – the music becomes so moving all of a sudden, and you let your hair down.

Now and then you give your eyes a rest from the computer

It’s really irresistible and hits you like a ton of bricks one gray afternoon. What you did was just close your eyes for a second or two – but when you wake up, it is called “caught napping.” Again.

Your coworker becomes your closest friend

As you clock in more and more hours working at the same office, she gets to know more and more about you – things that not even your closest people outside work may not know. Well, it’s sort of inevitable, and maybe it’s to the good.

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