10 Surprisingly Well-Paid Jobs

All professions are needed, and all professions are important. Still, there are special jobs, which many people dream about among a wide variety of professions. These are jobs with a flexible work schedule that do not require special physical costs, but bring a decent income. However, in order to apply for this job, you need a certain qualification.


1. Food stylist – $45,000

For most people in the world, the profession of a food stylist is considered to be very tedious and often boring. However, food stylists stand out among others. Their profession has its own flaws, but it is difficult to imagine what can be difficult about preparing dishes for photo shoots.

Amazing pictures of appetizing dishes, which are printed in magazines, shown on television and on the menu, are the result of the food stylists’ professional job. A food stylist gets about $45,000 per year.

2. Sewer inspector – $47,000

Does anyone want to become a sewer inspector? Probably everyone will say “no” because they feel this profession implies digging in dirty sewers all day long. This is not the case because the job will mainly involve the operation and maintenance of equipment that can shoot video and take pictures inside the sewage.

In fact, there is hardly anyone who will go down into the stinking sewage labyrinth. These professionals will get $47,000 per year for mere sitting in a comfortable chair and taking pictures and video of sewage.

3. Respiratory specialist – $56,000

The job of a respiratory specialist is very important because these doctors care about people with breathing problems, including patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as emphysema and asthma; elderly patients with lung diseases; infants, whose lungs are not developed properly, and ambulance patients who have just suffered a heart attack or shock.

As already noted, a respiratory specialist can be one of the most important jobs in the world because they really save lives. So the payment they get is very worthy – $56,000.

4. Photographer – $60,000

Beyond doubt, photography is one of the simplest occupations from this list. It seems that everything you need to do is to focus on some object and press the button. Of course, professional photographers have more practice and know how to capture memorable moments in their pictures. They understand what importance the correct composition and the right angle have.

Due to smartphones, which are almost omnipresent today, any person can feel like a photographer. Still, most people almost never treat photography seriously. A professional photographer can easily earn $60,000 per year.

5. Freelance writers – $60,000

It is the dream of many to never get out of bed until you feel ready to do so, never stick to the dress code, never get stuck in traffic and be able to work from anywhere in the world without any external control. Is it a dream? No, it is the daily work of freelancers.

Freelance writers just need three things: a computer, an internet connection and a capable brain. Despite this, it is not an easy job in fact, and although the people of this profession often work for fun, only few of them can earn $60,000 per year.

6. Voice over artist – $40,000-$80,000

It always seems that famous musicians and movie stars live like kings and queens. They seem to have everything they could wish for, and a lot of people just love them. The truth is that each of these stars has gone through much practice in order to achieve what they have at the moment.

However, it is possible to earn $80,000 per year just by using your voice in music videos of these celebrities or substituting for them in movies and advertising.

7. Ice cream taster – $60,000

Few people know that there are professionals, who deal exclusively with tasting ice cream, and they are paid a very large sum of money – up to $60,000 per year. Of course, this type of a job is not for everyone – it is something like a sommelier in the wine industry.

8. Blimp pilot – $70,000

Many children want to become a pilot but forget about this wish when they grow up. It turns out that today there is a great demand for… blimp pilots. At the same time, everything they need is certification from the relevant authorities, which makes the life of a blimp pilot much easier than that of a conventional airplane pilot. Modern blimps are used for advertising, but being a blimp pilot is one of the best jobs in the world, bringing up to $70,000 per year.

9. Chief listening officer – $75,000

Those who happened to overhear the conversations of other people have probably never thought of making it their career. It turns out that there are similar jobs, and they are well-paid. Chief listening officer is a person who is hired by the company to keep track of conversations about its products or services without people’s awareness of this fact in order to find out the present opinion about the company and its performance. This person keeps track of all the social media platforms and receives about $75,000 each year.

10. Farmer – $68,000

Most people think that agriculture means terribly exhausting work from dawn to dusk. In fact, the majority of farmers have a lot of work, but some farmers are fully established in their farms, working only a few hours a day and getting more than $68,000 each year. When farmers maintain their livestock or plants, provide them with a sufficient amount of nutrients, and protect them from diseases, it will not take long before they earn some fairly good money.

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