10 Best Ways to Earn for the Laziest

Unfortunately, being lazy doesn’t prevent you from having to pay your way. Work is a necessity you will hardly be able to get round. Nevertheless, a close search among all the possible jobs ever reveals that there are quite a few that don’t require any great strain, don’t get you involved in stressful situations and can be fairly lucrative. The thing is to consider all possibilities, like going to China. There your mastery of English can bring in more money than the average educated native citizen gets. Of course, it is a somewhat troublesome perspective. Maybe you don’t want to get out of your bed at all. There is a job for those who like to sleep, you know. There are companies that need sleep testers and participants in studies on various aspects of sleep. You draw your salary and help increment of scientific knowledge, isn’t it great?


On the other hand, unceasing sleeping can be too much – you’re lazy doesn’t mean you never get out of bed or never switch on your brainpower. What about computer programming where you can do all kinds of things without getting up from your comfy chair? OK, you don’t know a programming language. Then, how about testing computer games? It won’t get you as many ducats as programming, but the job responsibilities may well be called enviable by many! Or, if you wince at staying at home all day, what about walking dogs? There’s money in the business!

For you to consider thoughtfully what you can subscribe to and to what length you can go for that extra wad, browse these 10 jobs that don’t require you to fly to the moon – is there the one you will take up gladly?

Playing a foreign businessman

A foreigner is a profession in China, didn’t you know? Requirements: a good suit, a winning smile, and a confident demeanor. Duties: showing up at real estate events, poising as Someone, and shaking hands with local businessmen. They seem to believe over there that an event grows in prestige to an extent if there is an attendant foreigner. A bit of acting and a spot of charisma can bring in a weekly salary of $1,000 and more. It doesn’t take to be a professional, only to look like one.

Cuddling earns

Like to lie in in good company? Don’t believe that touch can be too much? Here’s a great career to be made as a professional cuddler. Cuddlr, Cuddle Comfort, and other apps like these get you onto the bandwagon, and you start forking in fees. At least 16 states provide services of that kind. A good cuddler gets $60-80 hourly, a whole night can bring you around $300. No qualification, no permits – what is required is a completely human ability to hold, squeeze and caress some people you haven’t seen before.

Teaching language to Chinese

Finding yourself in China, you can set yourself up by working as an English teacher. Strangely enough, it doesn’t require such a load of work as you may think, but provides you with a decent salary. English-speaking teachers are in demand in China these days, so much so that your work experience may not count at all (even if it’s completely non-existent). Moreover, in order to land a teaching job, you need no certificates – the knowledge of the language is often enough. Getting good money – it’s commonly three times the salary of a professional Chinese teacher with proper education – you can take on much work if you want to earn or less work if you prefer to take it easy.

Testing hotel sleeping amenities

This one is perfect for never-get-out-of-bed persons. Money trickling in while you are hitting the pillow, a featherbed job if there is one! You’ve got to believe such people are in demand – by hotels wanting to ascertain that their guests will have nothing to complain of, by travel websites and agencies to furnish them reliable information, in which case, of course, you will have to preserve your incognito and pretend you’re traveling on an important business! This kind of testing may mean a bit more than just sleeping, you will be asked to take a good look around the hotel, but chances are, you’re undoubtedly up to some prowling as well.

Drinking (sorry, tasting) beer

Beer taster doesn’t quite sound like a job, but it is. Fond of your pint? Here’s a job that will suit you just fine, provided you know your subject well. Yes, you have to be a professional beer drinker, not just content with voicing conclusions to the effect that the brew is good. A skill to define the drink’s texture is required and a palette that enables you to state that the beer is hoppy, or malty, too thin or too thick, and so on. No license is necessary, and you can find courses pretty easily with online companies that issue certificates in craft beer technology. There will also be a training course, as a rule at some brewery.

Testing computer games

Those who are on the look-out for stay-at-home jobs can find few ones more appealing! A video game tester is paid something in the vicinity of $15 an hour, and that can come up to a salary of $30,000 a year for playing. As you gain experience, and clock in five or six years in the industry, you can easily double the income and collect $70,000 and more. Of course, it’s not only playing: a tester’s task is to register glitches, bugs, all and sundry irregularities, and see if they will be able to break the game – that’s why experience counts in this sphere.

Participating in sleep studies

Here’s a job that sleepers won’t find it in them to decline – sleep and earn, sounds too good to be true. There’s always some medical institute or laboratory that is engaged in studies related to sleeping, and they need participants for their research. For some vacancies you will be asked to go to hospitals for observations for a span of time. But such vacancies usually require participants belonging to certain age groups and lifestyles, therefore you may have to look carefully for ones that you’re eligible for. There’s no telling how much exactly you can get, because conditions differ greatly – a lucky participant can be paid up to $1,000. There’s a known instance when a Boston woman participating in two studies simultaneously at Brigham and Women’s Hospital received a monthly salary of $12,000.

Writing up computer programs

Once you’ve grasped the necessary knowledge and skills, they say there’s nothing much to programming. According to expert opinion, a good programmer isn’t supposed to go to much trouble – actually, the less code you write, the better your program should be. At this job, you do as little as you can! You can never stir from your home and get fat paychecks. You know what, Microsoft loves people who are brainy but not inclined to overwork. Bill Gates, one of Microsoft’s top brass, is all for employers who take shortcuts – he favors Hlade’s Law which expresses his own opinion on the matter – the one that says that it’s better to employ a lazy person for a difficult job and let him look for the easiest way to accomplish the task.

Acting in movies – as an extra

In every film there are a lot of people in the background, and they are not always professional actors waiting to be noticed. Some of those are common people who wanted to earn some cash fast. The wages can be very different depending on each particular production, but extras who don’t belong to a union can make $100 a day and more. Members of the Screen Actors Guild enjoy better conditions: they don’t earn less than $150, and if they work overtime, there is ample compensation. For each hour over the standard eight-hour working day they get 150% pay. Also, SAG members can earn a little bit more if they come to the set with their own outfits, vehicles and other needful props.

Taking dogs out

This one is suitable for people who prefer to loaf outside. You can do it with a little more responsibility, and if you are fond of animals, the responsibility becomes pleasure. Walking dogs you can count on something around $50 an hour, and sometimes, if the owner is away at work or on a trip, there is a premium for the dog walker. Besides, you can take two or more pets, and consequently your pay rises. In many states a dog walker doesn’t have to carry a license and liability insurance, yet it’s advisable to take pains to get them – better for the business and a guarantee that no legal problems await you round the corner.

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