M∙A∙C Cosmetics Facebook Pinball


Taking a break and want a spot of simple fun – of the cute variety, of course? Here’s a good tip. Go to M∙A∙C’s Facebook Page and have a go at their new virtual pinball application. It’s a nice little extra thing to give a boost to their Quite Cute Collection to be unveiled soon.

MAC Quite Cute Pinball

The “Quite Cute Pinball” has a well-designed main board done in pastel hues with a set of icons referring to the Quite Cute collection – all extremely eye-friendly and offering a strong rivalry to the Japan kawaii style.

The game’s rules are easy to grasp without having to look through a list of detailed instructions. There are two bonus levels waiting for the winner. After you have achieved the original purpose of entertaining yourself you can proceed to challenging your friends to show their prowess or merely share your ranking with those you know and all the rest on Facebook. Anyone for pinball?

Source of the image: Facebook.