Why Deleting Your Facebook Account Today?

There are objective reasons for which it is reasonable to remove your social media profiles right now and never engage your children in this evil.


Social networks have become part of our lives and require serious attitude. Someone gets fired because of a message in Facebook, and someone does not get a promising position because of a bold tweet.

However, we are adults. We can and must be responsible for our actions. What about the kids? Should we engage them in the social web even before they can decide whether they want to be in the digital world or not?

1. Facebook makes you think that your life sucks

People publish only positive aspects of their life in social networks. Failures and disappointments are not demonstrated in public. As a result, looking through the friends’ newsfeed, you might get the impression that their lives consist of mere success, joy and achievement, while your life does not. This is a dangerous illusion.

2. My mother does not let me talk to strangers

However, Facebook friends search algorithm suggests the opposite. It wants strangers to become your friends. The more of them you get the better. Every day, social networks try to introduce you to people who are “friends of your friends.” This category is diluted by people from your past, many of whom you would like to forget. It may even include a relative, who passed away 2 years ago.

3. Your boss reads your posts

We live in the time, when you can lose your current job because of a message on Facebook or lose the chance to be welcomed to a more promising position in future. In Foxborough, USA, a man was fired for publishing a photo with a swastika painted on the body of his intoxicated friend. Teachers are dismissed from their jobs for the photos in which they consume alcohol. One female teacher of a venerable age was fired for refusing to remove her current students from the list of friends. Even if you prevent certain individuals from seeing your publications, your adversaries can tell your boss about your messages and photos.

4. Your “friends” on Facebook do not care about your little joys and events

Seriously, it is unlikely that your friends will include many people, who will be really interested to learn that your kitten has finally accustomed to using the tray. You must be able to filter items according to the presence of reasons to be published. Fathers and mothers should stop posting photos and events with children at “awkward” moments. In the future, these pics will be used to ridicule and mock at your children.

5. You will no longer procrastinate at work

Or at least you will spend a little less time doing nothing. It’s no secret that Facebook is a great time consumer. In the United States, using social networks during work hours costs the employers $28 billion in losses annually.

6. The consequences of your revelations

You may sometimes have a mood when you want to admit some of your mistakes or failures. You write about them on Facebook. The post is then read by your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and colleagues. They will remember this when they meet you. You will see this in their eyes and will hear it said behind your back. What makes people deliberately belittle the qualities of their personality in the eyes of others?

Everything that is written here about Facebook is applicable to any other social network. With a sufficient level of insanity, the social network may spoil your life. What do you think makes people behave in such a way in the digital world? What reasons forced you to abandon social networks or reconsider the format of interacting with them?