Funny Horse Foot Shoes

The Cheltenham Festival has a 100 years of racing history under the belt, and that’s the event to introduce a new fashion trend. British designers offer a unique chance to guests to try a horsewalk – in shoes that come as near as possible to horses’ hoofs.

Horseshoes by Betfair

The original idea belongs to Betfair, who, having made alterations to betting, decided to throw in a good luck charm to their punters to get them on top of fashion as well as give them a chance for bigger winnings.

The Betfair-commissioned hoof shoes are very impressive with artificial hoofs made from carbon fiber and genuine horse hair. Each shoe has about 5,000 separate hairs stitched on to give the shoes a bona-fide look.

Horseshoes by Betfair

The ‘Horseshoes for Humans’ may become a symbol of racing luck, for the price tag reads £1,300 – but then again, one has to turn up well-dressed for a prestigious event like that, doesn’t one?

“We wanted to celebrate the centenary of Cheltenham in style.”

That’s what a spokesperson for Betfair said, and it will be fun to see how many people will find them trendy – or too outlandish for humans!

The horse footwear is available as either zip-up shoes or knee-length boots.

Would you dare to wear these horse foot shoes?

Source of the image: Newslite.

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