Famous Chunkies – Overweight Disney Characters

American artist Alex Solis drew what might happen if the famous cartoon characters abused junk food, pastries, sweets and other harmful products.


You have never seen Disney characters pictured like this. Outrageously obese Kitty stuffs her mouth with butter cupcakes, Ninja Turtles have gained much weight after eating pizza, Harry Potter looks like a donut, American superheroes abuse fast food, and the little mermaid Ariel now weighs 100 kilos and seems ready to swallow her friends.



This is not what we expect to see! But such is the story narrated by talented artist Alex Solis with the help of his art project “Famous Chunkies”.



Alex took up drawing long ago; he is also known for his sense of humor. The pictures of fat cartoon characters are another jolly project of this talented illustrator, who is trying to draw people’s attention to how they live and what they eat.



It’s no secret that in the United States the number of obese people is disproportionately high and continues to grow. More and more overweight people appear in Europe. In many other countries, it is not uncommon that people prefer to eat instant noodles, sandwiches, and burgers, washing this fried fatty food down with a sweet soda.



After a day at work, the fans of fried and sweet food went for a jog or to a fitness club to burn the calories they have eaten during the day… but alas. Actually, this is exactly what the talented artist’s cartoons are about.


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