Barbie Foot is Where Girls Can Try Their Prowess in Male Games


Whether it is mostly a work of temporary art, another attempt on part of the fair sex to invade the world of men or a genuine interest in “The Beautiful Game”, but a football table has been introduced where all the players are Barbie dolls. Just like this.

Barbie Foot

It was French designer Chloe Ruchon who thought of painting the football field in pink, and if one of her aims was “to create design that causes surprise, emotions and questions from the audience”, well, she certainly succeeded in this!

Barbie Foot Game

The gametable, aptly called Barbie-Foot, has two Barbie teams primed to beat football field dust out of one another without once letting their fabulous glamour drop off. The only thing that may take off some of the female grace with which they will be competing is the absence of arms, but that’s not a big deal when it comes to playing a real game of football, is it?

The great idea occurred to the 25-year-old designer when preparing for her diploma (she is studying visual arts in Strasbourg).

Bent on blending the unblendable (or, in her own words, “manipulating codes, diverting functions, mixing the references and connecting completely foreign worlds”) she decided that to have barbies playing football would be “a symbolic and powerful way to represent the contrast between males and females.”

For the time being it is a limited edition, to be procured in stores in Paris where it is known as Babyfoot for a sum of £8,000. Wonder what future awaits this one, by the time of the World Cup at least?

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