10 Kinds of Selfies Everybody Is Tired of

Hardly anyone would argue that Instagram timeline is abundant with photos of the same kind. We have prepared an article about the selfies in social networks everyone is tired of. It is a kind of a reminder of what you shouldn’t do.

Selfie in the restroom


We do not understand why this location has attracted so many people. Here, you should do your thing without making it public. Not everyone likes to look at pictures of toilet bowls.

Collages made of identical photos


Isn’t it better to choose the best photo and upload it than to make a collage of a large number of almost identical selfies?

Food photos and photos with food


Why not just enjoy your tasty and useful (or harmful) food instead of spending half an hour in search of the perfect angle for a cup of cappuccino?

Foot adventures


Some accounts look as if their owner simply does not have the upper body. In such cases, it is time to give up two-legged photos.

“I woke up”


We all know that in fact it is “I woke up, washed and did my hair, applied nude makeup and lay down languidly on the whipped pillows.”

“My cat and me”


How long will you torment poor cats?! Have you seen their eyes on those selfies? They are full of hopelessness.



Is there anyone else left who thinks such lips beautiful? It is time to fine for duckfaces!

“I am suffering”


Previously, maidens with a rich spiritual world used to write texts about the rain, wine, plaid and suffering. And now they take pictures of their left eye, a tear rolling out of it.

“I’ve washed my face”

We are very happy that the author of these selfies does not neglect hygiene. However, it’s not worth telling the whole world how you wash your feet, brush your teeth and wash your head.

Gym Selfie


These leggings are perfect! The author is a real fitness goddess! However, it is time you put off your phone and started working out instead of taking photos.